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Instagram: How to download Instagram Reel along with the unofficial apps

How to download Instagram Reel

Users of Instagram can download their preferred Reels to their phones. Users of iOS and Android can utilize the functionality. Reels was initially released on the Meta-owned platform in August 2020. During the Q1 2023 quarterly earnings call, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that since the release of Reels, users’ time on Instagram has increased by more than 24%.

Recently, Instagram expanded the number of countries where presents on Reels are available, improved insights, and upgraded editing tools. Collaborative collection is a feature that was introduced by the platform in March that allows users to put their favorite posts and Reels into collections that friends can browse and participate in.

How to download Instagram Reel

How to download Instagram Reel?

Step1: Launch the Instagram app.

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Step 2: Find the Instagram Reel you wish to download by viewing it.

Meta adds new features to avatars.

Instagram experiments with music for photo carousels.

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Instagram usage increased 24%, according to Meta; find out how

Step 3: Select the “Share” button.

Step 4: To include the Reels in your tale, tap them.

Step 5: Select “Save” by clicking on the three-dot menu.

Step 6: Throw the tale away.

The Reels’ downloaded copy is available in your phone’s gallery.

inns2 Instagram: How to download Instagram Reel along with the unofficial apps

In the meantime, a report stated that in March 2023, Meta deleted 46.1 lakh items of content for Instagram across 12 policies.

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  1. Can we download Instagram video in iOS?



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