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How To Choose an Online Betting Website?

There are a variety of different websites out there that offer betting opportunities. However, when betting online there are some things you need to know before making your choice where to bet.

In order to prevent yourself from losing too much money it is important for you to know all the benefits and drawbacks of betting at a  website. So in this article we will present the features of the good betting website which help you with your decision where to place your bets.


Every good and reliable betting website or online casino needs to have a license that is usually issued by the government of the country in which the website operates. This way you can assure yourself that betting is being supervised and regulated well enough to protect your money and prevent criminal activities like match fixing. Moreover you will avoid scamming websites that are only there to steal your money and you won’t get your payout even when you win. 

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Information about licenses should be visible on the website instead of being hidden somewhere in the bookmarks. Even if it is stated that an online casino or betting platform has a license, it is good to check some government websites.


To make sure that betting site you are betting at is a safe place there need to be many certificates protecting the website from fraud, liability or hacking. Certificates are there to ensure bettors that their money is put exactly on bet and are not going to be stolen. The betting website with certificates is much safer than one without.

Sites operating from the UK, Malta and Gibraltar are known for betting sites with good reputation.

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Responsible Gambling Information/ Self Exclusion List

Making bets online can be addictive as you always think about how the next bet will make you rich. There are many organisations out there that are helping addicts overcome their problem. Good and legal betting websites have all the information about where to call and go when you notice the first symptoms of becoming a gambling addict. They are often on the homepage, highly visible and easily reachable. Moreover, the best online casinos and betting platforms offer the opportunity to sign yourself to the exclusion list which simply means that you can ban yourself from betting and gambling if you see the addiction problem in yourself and want to fight with it. 

Transparent Terms & Conditions

The rules and all the regulations on the particular betting site should be easy to understand and include all possible situations with clear steps to follow. If there are some meanders or several statements excluding each other, you should be cautious and put a red flag on a particular website. 

Secured website

Betting platforms or online casinos should use modern SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates. It secures your personal data such as your betting account number or password, credit card details and other private information during the transfer between you and the betting website by encrypting it. The first three characters of https:// before the web address means that the website is secured by SSL certificate. If it is not secured, you can see http:// and it is better to avoid betting on such a platform.

Visible operator of your personal data

You should be informed before placing a bet who will get your personal data during the transaction. Operator is responsible for the betting relationship with a customer. It means that they have to provide betting services based on fair terms. If they are going to share your personal data with other companies, you should always be informed about such a possibility and be able to refuse or cancel your subscription on the website.

Existing address

Betting website should include all the data about the operator and existing address to the in-site office of the company. This information is crucial if you have any kind of betting related problems or disputes. If there is a fake address given on the website, you should be alarmed and refrain from placing bets on this platform.

Easy to contact

Betting platforms should have email and cell phones given in visible places on the website and these communication ways should be responding. If there is a number, but it is fake or never picking up your calls, stop your betting activities on this platform before you lose more money. The same when they are not answering your emails in a few days time.

Fast responding support center

The best betting websites have a support team ready to help you 24/7 or at least during working hours given on website contact information. If they are not answering or replying to you in a few days time, stop and find one that is more responsive for your betting needs. 


There are a couple of features to look for when choosing a betting website. The good betting websites can be checked by looking at terms and conditions, betting licence or certification (especially betting tax), security certificate on website, responsible gambling information about betting gambling addiction and other tools to help you with betting responsibly and regulate your betting activities. It is not only important to know how to choose a website but also how to stop betting on the wrong one.


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