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How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below

In 2016, Jio established a nationwide LTE network. Since then, it has only worked on LTE, with no 2G or 3G capabilities. The company gained 250 million users in its first two years of operation, making it the first company in the world to do it. For more than two years, Chinese social media platform WeChat has attracted the same following.

The internet market in the country has tripled in the first year of Jio’s operation. After two years, the ecosystem had grown to become the world’s largest traffic provider, serving 99 percent of India’s population. The telecommunications behemoth prioritised ecosystem expansion and developed a slew of new offerings for customers. Unlike other telecoms, Jio built a mobile network around its supplementary services.

That is why more over half of Jio’s audience uses their services, whereas other worldwide suppliers only have a 10% penetration rate. As a result of the lack of strong brands in the market, the company took advantage of the opportunity to provide individuals the first high-speed Internet connection of their lives, free for the first six months and accessible even on mobile phones.


In just five years, the ecosystem has risen to the top of practically every economic sector in India:

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a suite of lifestyle apps utilising high-speed broadband networks for home Internet, cable TV, and telephone

App for smart devices that manages services is fantastic.

business tools for media streaming

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Let’s look at the most intriguing ecosystem services in more detail.

high-speed broadband networks for Internet, cable television, and telephony at home

a collection of lifestyle apps

a fantastic service management app

clever gadgets


services for watching movies online

tools for business

Let’s look at some of the most interesting ecosystem services in more detail.

Using a single ID, you can access services:

Mobile services in the ecosystem are available only to Jio SIM card holders. The phone number replaces the login, and the password normally sends a message when authorising, as is the traditional procedure in the telecom industry. As a result, accessing Jio services from outside of India is challenging. On the website, users can request a SIM card delivery if they want to become a subscriber to the provider. This is both practical and timely.

Banner four 1 How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below

Service management app of the year:

Jio introduced various content-focused mobile apps in 2016, including a music service, video platform, smart TV, cloud service, browser, and news aggregation, in addition to the LTE network.

Jio integrated the apps in 2020 to create MyJio, a super app that allows users to manage all of their apps from a one interface, search for shared content, and employ a voice assistant:

In one cable, you can get Internet, TV, and phone service at home.

Jio employs TriplePlay, a single broadband access cable, to connect your home or workplace to telephony, Internet, and cable TV. 

Jio’s set-top box integrates the world’s most popular streaming services, cable channels, and a variety of apps. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Sony LIV, and other services are available on the home screen:

The set top box’s key advantage is that it allows users to log in once and access all video streaming platforms.

To access content from all platforms, Jio TV+ subscribers simply need to input their ecosystem ID. Additionally, any app may be found using the voice assistant or normal search. Developers can also make their own Jio TV+ mini-app and submit it to the app store.

94467166 vector globe with satellite equipment isolated on white background How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below
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Browser for Jio:

A half-dozen Chinese apps were blacklisted by the Indian government in 2020. Alibaba’s second-most-popular browser in India was among them. The void was addressed by the Jio web browser, which was released in 2018.

Unlike the Chinese service, JioPages prioritises the security and privacy of user data. JioPages includes a dark and light theme, customised news feed, download manager, incognito mode, and built-in ad blocker, as well as the ability to work in one of eight Indian languages.

jio 532398048 How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below

Tools for Business:

For enterprises, Jio has developed a number of tools. The ecosystem’s cloud service allows users to free store up to 100GB of files. Google Drive, on the other hand, provides nearly seven times less storage space – 15GB. JioCloud is used by the majority of Jio members to automatically sync photographs, videos, documents, and backups with their smartphones.

JioMeet (Jio’s Zoom clone) debuted in the Jio ecosystem in May 2020. That had more features: unlimited free call time, up to a hundred people in one room, broadcasting on many devices and moving between them quickly, screen sharing, a calendar, room password protection, and a display of six people on the mobile screen.

Zoom was challenged by JioMeet, who stated that the ecosystem is building an open marketplace with a web version, a standalone app, and a service in a super app. Vendors can form alliances and offer their items on the marketplace, or franchise a Jio-branded retail store. JioGate, a solution for monitoring and registering visitors and employees, is also available.

jiomeet vs zoom which is better and why 1593758532 How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below

Services for Entertainment:

In 2016, Jio met the entertainment demands of its customers. The ecosystem includes creating an online cinema with original and third-party content, as well as a music platform, a gaming centre, and a media platform:

Jio has partnered with Disney to provide their members with free Disney programming. A user must submit an invitation link to five people via chat or social networking to gain access to the Disney section.

Jio’s upcoming ventures:

Reliance Jio recently teamed up with Google to introduce the JioPhone Next, a low-cost smartphone for the Indian market. According to a report from GizChina, the telecom giant is working on its own TV and tablet, dubbed Jio TV and Jio Tablet. According to the article, these two Jio items are scheduled to be available by 2022, and the business is also working on a Jio laptop.

The major specs of the Jio TV and Jio Tablet are currently unknown, but the source says that, like its smartphone, both gadgets would be aimed at affordable consumers.

thumb How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below

Specifications for the Jio Tablet to Expect:

Like any other Android tablet, the Jio Tablet is likely to include a huge display and Google Play Store functionality, and it could be powered by Qualcomm’s entry-level tablet chipset.

The new tablet could come pre-loaded with PragatiOS, similar to the JioPhone Next, which runs the in-house operating system developed in conjunction with Google for the low-cost smartphone.

Other inexpensive tablets from Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, and Realme are anticipated to compete with this tablet.

Jio and tablet How Jio has made an ecosystem of products in India and what could be its next big move? Read the 7 points below

Expected characteristics for Jio TV:

According to reports, the Jio TV will enable OTT apps out of the box and may possibly come with a set-top box package that will include Jio’s Fiber Broadband plans.

The owners of Reliance Jio intend to launch a 5G network in the second part of 2021. The company is the first in India’s telecom sector to publicly outline its plans. They will also introduce a new smartphone model.

Jio has teamed up with Google to produce the country’s first 5G smartphone, which will be available for purchase at standard market prices. When the firm launches its 5G network, all of the ecosystem’s existing services will upgrade to the new standard. In India’s telecom business, this will usher in a new era.

Final Words:

We hope that you found this article useful, let us know your views below.

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