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Here is the list of Top 10 Best Superhero Series available on Netflix

After the release of Daredevil, the series of the superhero franchise has signed for a lot of incredible series. We are all like to watch such superhero series and also want to know the story.

It is true that Marvel is one of the top superhero franchises but DC also has not been left behind as it is also contained with many incredible superhero series. Many complex combinations of the characters are mixed up, and also a few characters are left to reveal. There are many fantastic superhero series available on Netflix.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Superhero Series on Netflix:

New Black Lightning Trailer: Let There be Lightning

10. Black Lightning

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It is a story of a man who has a superpower who uses his power for the welfare of the town but while his family starts to getting threats for this he has left hoi superhero life and start to lead the life of a crusading school principal, but it seems that he will definitely return into the action.

Iron Fist' Trailer: Netflix and Marvel Present Vengeful Season 2 | IndieWire

9. Iron Fist

It is a story of a young man who has been bestowed with such incredible martial arts skills and also under a mystical force that is known as the Iron Fist.

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Luke Cage' Trailer: Mike Colter Is Netflix's Third Defender | IndieWire

8. Luke Cage

It is a story of a person who has made bulletproof skin after a failed prison experiment. Luke Cage utilizes his power for the protection of the New York people. Now he becomes soon of the fugitive who has attempted to rebuild his life in Harlem but must face the past.

7. The Defenders

The Defenders: all the trailers, updates, and commentary about Netflix's  Marvel team-up show - The Verge

This superhero series has been set after few months of the second season of Daredevil, and also after a month of Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and many superheroes who are gathering against a common enemy.

Trailer for Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 - 'All For Nothing'

6. The Arrow

It is a story of a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who has been missing and assumed to death as his yacht becomes lost in the sea. Now he will return after five years as a completely changed person and become determined to clean up the entire town like a hooded vigilante with a bow in his arm.

Titans Season 2 Trailer Promises Costumed Antics

5. Titans

This series is based on a group of young superheroes who are battling with evil and also other perils.

Marvel's Jessica Jones' Trailer: First Look At Third & Final Season –  Deadline

4. Jessica Jones

This superhero series depicts a tragic ending of her long superhero career, Jessica Jones is trying to recreate her life as a private investigator, who is dealing with cases filled with people with remarkable abilities in New York.

The Umbrella Academy Netflix: Watch The New Superhero Trailer

3. The Umbrella Academy

This superhero series is based on the family of the former child superheroes who has now grown apart and now they will be reunited to save the world.

The Punisher' Netflix Trailer Gets an Assist From Metallica

2. The Punisher

This is a strange superhero series that depicts a man who has become a superhero after the murder of his own family by a group of murders. Marine Veteran Frank Castle has now come as the vigilante known as “The Punisher” with one goal to take revenge on them.

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1. Daredevil

This superhero series is based on a man who is a blind lawyer in the day, a vigilante at night, Matt Murdock who is fighting against the crime of the New York City in the name of Daredevil.



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