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Here is the list of all the Latest Movies & TV Series added on 11th June

After the pandemic year, we are mostly dependent on the OTT platform for entertainment. In the list of top OTT platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5, Voot, Hotstar, and Sony Liv which are the most preferable and also popular streaming platform. We all are waiting eagerly to watch some incredible staff on those platforms.

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After completing the shooting many shows have been released regularly on the OTT Platform. If you see many fantastic shows that have been added to these platforms regularly.

Here is a list of all the latest OTT content added on 11th June in 2021:


1.Law School(Season 1)

It is based on a grim incident that happens at the prestigious school and after that justice system has put to a test by a strict law professor and also his brilliant students.

2.Down to Earth

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It is a travel show with Zac Efron. It depicts his journey around the world with an expert named Daelin Olien to find out sustainable ways to live.

3.Skater Girl

It is narrated by Gupta’s Prerna who is a girl living in a remote village in Rajasthan in India, she is living a life that is strictly bound by tradition and also the duty to her parents. After watching the advertisement of London-Bred about the arrival of executive Jessica in the village to know more about the childhood of her late father, Prerna and the other local children have been introduced to an incredible adventure and give a big thanks to Jessica and her old friend as they have been cruises into town on a skateboard.

4.A Love So Beautiful(Season 1)

It is a love drama series. It revolves around the story of two higher secondary classmates Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen. The girl has a very passionate and expressive crush on Jian Chen but he rejects all her expression and affections.

5.Wish Dragon

It depicts the story of a teen Din who is reconnecting with his childhood best friend after meeting with a wish-granting dragon that explores the magic.

6.Mad for Each Other(Season 1)

It revolves around the story of an ambitious lawyer named John Mason who has shorted his honeymoon period with his wife Jane as his boss Judge Doolittle wanted him to return to work.

7.Racket Boys(Season 1)

It is a Korean sports drama series. It revolves around the growth of sixteen boys and girls and also the challenges that they have faced to the badminton club of their school.

8.Trese(Season 1)

It revolves around the eponymous comic book series which is made by the author Budjette Tan and the artist Kajo Baldisimo. It follows the story of Alexandra Trese for the projects Manila from the supernatural threats.

9.Blind Intersections

It revolves around three residents of Beirut whose paths have been crossed and the decision of each person starts affect to the others.

10.The Last Egg

It is a story of a successful unmarried woman who is trying for a child before it becomes too late.

Locombianos | Netflix Official Site

11.Locombianos(Season 1)

It is a funny comedy show including with 4 Colombian comedians, 4 specials. We will see a funny way that these comedians see life.


It is a love drama film. It depicts the story of an IT professional who visits Dindigul for the wedding of his brother but the wedding becomes canceled and he throws the two families into an awkward situation after he falling in love with the bride.

13.Confusion Na Wa

It shows the lives of strangers in a Nigerian City. It became intertwined over the course of the day.

14.Until Midnight

It depicts the story of a businessman with a hidden agenda, a Janitor, and also a strange woman getting entangled in an awkward situation that should be resolve before midnight.

Trese After Dark | Netflix Official Site

15.Trese After Dark

It is an inspiring film based on the stars and creators gathered to discuss “Tress” from the Filipino folklore inspirations to the beginning of the comics.


1.The Bad Batch(Season 1)

This series depicts the elite and experimental clones that have made their way to the ever-changing galaxy in the aftermath of the wars of the clones.

2.Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted(Season 3)

It is a fantasy adventure series. It is based on the journeys of Gordon Ramsay to some incredible and remote locations of Earth to find out inspiration, epic adventures, and also to gather some culinary experiences.


It revolves around a journey from Mumbai to Ajmer of a squabbling family with a band and also clashing values. With friendship and lives, this journey just makes crazier.

4.Big Shot(Season 1)

It is a story of a basketball coach who has been fired from his job and takes a teaching and coaching job at an elite all-girls private high school.


It is a soundscape animated short film to pay tribute to the visual and sound artists of Walt Disney Animation Studios.


It tells the story of a close-knit family who is coming apart at the seams for the predictions of an imminent tragedy by an astrologer.



It revolves around the sting operation story of Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras who is a professor was executed this oper4ation to find out his sexual orientation and he made a bond with the journalist who has covered his story.

2.My Brother…Nikhil

It depicts the story of a young bright swimmer and his struggles after diagnosed with HIV. In his bad times, he got the support of his sister Anamika, and his boyfriend Nigel.

3.Weekends(Season 1)

It depicts the story of today’s working youth how weekends become a glimmer of hope for them. There are three colleagues Kevin, PPT, and Pari who are in pursuit of an elusive and perfect weekend.

4.Forbidden Love(Season 1)

It is mainly an anthology of four short romantic thriller films. Each of the short films shows the dark side of love, infidelity, and jealousy.


1.The Shield(Season 3)

It depicts the lives and cases of a dirty Los Angeles Department of Police and also the unit under his command.

2.All I Wish

It revolves around the story of an aspiring fashion designer who is facing struggles in search of success and love. On her birthday on the same date, the story has been cut into her life once in a year.

3.Bujjigaadu: Made in Chennai

It depicts the story of a man named Bujji who was fled from his home due to some dispute with his girlfriend Chitti. Now the rest of the story revolves around how they will be able to meet with each other.


4.Ee Rojullo

It is a story of a man who has been defrauded by a con woman under the pretext of love robs him of three lakh rupees. After that, he starts to perceive all women as frauders.

5.Dr. Prasad C/O Sitara

It revolves around the story of a couple who become married against their wish and begin to live in a farmhouse and facing some ghost experience.

MX Player

1.Dil Hi to Hai(Season 2)

It is a family drama series. It depicts the story of a family where the eldest one is the most loved. He is so busy that his life has no room for love.


This film revolves around a prisoner who is on death row and is fighting with his wrongful conviction in the backside of Chess.

Amazon Prime Video

1.Manifest(Season 3)

It is an incredible action series. It depicts the story of Ben who has headed on an international mission with Vance to find out a cue to ultimately unlock the secret of Flight 828. There is also an intense calling that leads Michaela and Zake on the adventure.

2.Tharai Thappattai

It revolves around a man named Sannasi who is head of Thra Thappattai, a Kragattam troupe. Tharai Thappattai explores how this art is dying slowly and we are responsible all for it.


It revolves around a middle-class young man who wants to make quick money and land.

4.Jeremy Clarkson: I Bought the Farm(Season 1)

It revolves around a man named Jeremy Clarkson who is running a farm in the countryside.


1.Late Show(Stephen Colbert)

It is an incredible show. This show is hosted, written, and produced by Stephen Colbert. It is a comedy show that broadcasts five nights a week.

2.Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai

It is a story of a young man Suraj Dhanrajgir who is left for the care of his grandfather after the death of his parents. The Grandfather entrusts his upbringing to Mahesh but Suraj getting involved with alcohol and women.

Apple TV Plus

1.Mythic Quest(Season 2)

It revolves around the story of a video game owner company and his struggles to keep their video game in the top position.

2.Home Before Dark(Season 2)

It is a story of a young girl who has discovered some clues in an unsolved cold case at the time of visiting her father’s small lakeside town.

3.Trying(Season 2)

This series is based on a couple who want a baby this is the one thing that they do not have. After that, they decide to adopt.


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