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Complete details on Ghazal Alagh Net Worth, Career, Income, and Family in 2024

All details on Ghazal Alagh Net Worth, Career, Income, and Family in 2024: Everything to Know

In the dynamic world of Indian entrepreneurship, Ghazal Alagh will shine as a prominent figure and successful woman entrepreneur in 2024. Ghazal, as the leader of Mamearth, has led the brand to unprecedented heights. Her strategic vision and sharp business acumen have not only ele­vated Mamearth’s popularity but also firmly established it as a leading name in the marke­t.

Indian entrepreneur Ghazal Alagh’s age is 35 years old. Her height is 5’6″ tall, her weight is 65 kg. Her figure measurements is 35-28-34. Her total net worth is $300 million or Rs. 2,488 Crores.

With a net worth of $300 Million or Rs. 2,488 crore, Ghazal Alagh continues to inspire and pave the way for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, in India’s dynamic business landscape. Under her guidance, the company thrives, and her innovative approach continue­s to shape its success, leaving a remarkable impact on the business landscape­. As a result of her accomplishments, Ghazal has gained well-deserve­d recognition as a trailblazer in the industry.

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haaa Complete details on Ghazal Alagh Net Worth, Career, Income, and Family in 2024

The brand’s unique marketing approach has garnered widespread recognition, with consumers across the country embracing its offerings. Ghazal’s entrepreneurial journey also led her to be a judge in the first season of Shark Tank India, showcasing her expertise in evaluating and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs. Although she is not associated with the new season of the show, her impact and influence in the business realm remain undeniable.

The lady is no less than a superwoman as she has managed her family as well as her business career effectively in her life. This hard-working lady is none other than Mrs. Ghazal Alagh who founded the famous company Mamaearth which is a Beauty Skincare company & baby care brand. Not only in India, but people in foreign countries are also using Mamaearth’s beauty skin care products to take care of their natural skin. 

There is no chemical of any kind in Mamaearth beauty skin care products, it is made from natural ingredients. So Today we will learn about Ghazal Alagh Net Worth in 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Family, Early Life, and Mamaearth here:

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Who is Ghazal Alagh? 

Ghazal Alagh, a native of Gurugram, Haryana, and a frequent visitor to Chandigarh, holds a special place in her heart for her hometown. Growing up, she attended school in Chandigarh before pursuing her BCA degree from Punjab University. As her academic journey progressed, Ghazal went on to pursue post-graduation and subsequently secured a job.

This remarkable Indian businesswoman, known for her entrepreneurial spirit, is none other than the talented co-founder of MamaEarth, a renowned brand specializing in personal care and baby products. Ghazal currently assumes the role of CEO at MamaEarth, a venture she embarked upon alongside her husband, Varun Alagh, in 2016.

Prior to their groundbreaking foray into the world of MamaEarth, Ghazal honed her skills in the e-commerce industry, garnering valuable experience during her tenure at FabFurnish. However, it was the arrival of their first child that served as a catalyst for Ghazal and Varun’s entrepreneurial journey. Faced with the scarcity of safe and natural baby care products in the Indian market, the couple seized the opportunity to fill this void with their own brand, MamaEarth.

Together, Ghazal and Varun’s dedication and passion for providing safe and reliable products have propelled MamaEarth to become one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry. With Ghazal at the helm, MamaEarth continues to revolutionize the personal care and baby care sector in India, prioritizing the well-being and happiness of families across the nation.

Under Ghazal’s leadership, Mamaearth has grown rapidly and expanded its product line to include personal care items for adults as well. The brand has also gained recognition for its focus on natural and sustainable ingredients and packaging. 

Ghazal married Varun Alagh in the year 2011 and they have a son named Agastya Alagh. Ghazal Alagh co-founded the Mamaearth company with her husband Varun Alagh in the year 2016. Mamaearth is India’s first beauty skin care beauty brand company. Ghazal Alagh always had a dream to run a business. To fulfil her desire her parents and family members encouraged her a lot and after working hard she established her beauty brand company. 

Name Ghazal Alagh 
Nationality Indian 
Born 2 September 1988 
Age 35 years old 
Company Founded MamaEarth 
Spouse(s) Varun Alagh 
Children(s) Agastya Alagh 
  1. What is the net worth of Ghazal Alagh?

    Ghazal Alagh, the founder of Mamaearth has a net worth of $300 million.

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth 2024– 

Ghazal Alagh has a lot of income sources and the majority of her income comes from her company “mama earth”, her estimated yearly income is Rs.18-19 crore. Ghazal Alagh’s net worth in Indian rupees is around Rs.150 crore, which is $19 million and it increases by 8.4 to 17.9% every year. Ghazal invested in many companies which helps Ghazal to increase her net worth. When she was the judge of Shark Tank India, she invested in many start-ups. 

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In 2024 $300 Million 
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In 2022 $19 Million 
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In 2021 $16 Million 
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In 2020 $14 Million 
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In 2019 $13 Million 
Ghazal Alagh Net Worth In 2018 $9 Million 
gh6 Complete details on Ghazal Alagh Net Worth, Career, Income, and Family in 2024

Ghazal Alagh Career 

The career of Ghazal Alagh has finished her studies, Ghazal Alagh started her career in June 2008 as a corporate trainer, and then she founded a company called diet expert in 2012, where she worked for 1 year and 2 months. In 2016 Ghazal Alagh founded her dream company “Mamaearth” with co-founder Varun Alagh. She started the Mama Earth brand which helps people to take care of their children and sells chemical-free products.

Ghazal Alagh Family

Ghazal Alagh’s father’s name is Kailash Sahni and his mother’s name is Sunita Sahni. Her brother’s name is Chirag Sahni and her sister’s name is Sahiba Chauhan. She married Varun Alagh in 2011 and they have a son. Her husband is also a businessman who is the co-founder of Mamaearth. He collaborated with Ghazal to form the Mama Earth Company. 

g6 1 Complete details on Ghazal Alagh Net Worth, Career, Income, and Family in 2024

Ghazal Alagh and MamaEarth 

There is a tale behind the inception of Mamaearth. When Ghazal became a mother, her son she could not find any baby cosmetic products made in India. Due to this Ghazal was very upset. Ghazal got some products imported from abroad which suited her son. The idea came to Ghazal’s mind that just as her son is not getting these baby products suits, in the same way, many children in India will not be getting these products suits. Ghazal started researching this. She was successful in her research and was able to find out why these products do not suit her son and other children 

Mamaearth was finished in 2015 by Ghazal and her husband Varun. Before starting this, Ghazal got about 700 women to test this product on their children, took their reviews, and then launched the product properly in the market. After launching in the market, she did a lot of branding of her product but kept the way of branding slightly different. They targeted social media and YouTube. On this, she got her brand promoted through big YouTubers so that her product could reach every person for less money. 

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