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“Gentefied (Season 2)”: The Comedy Film has been renewed for the second season with the first look images

Netflix has ordered for the second season of Gentefied after the charming first season that is set to release on Netflix globally in November 2020. We all know that it is a very funny, Netflix Original comedy-drama series that is revolves around the online digital short of the exact name. It has been created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chavez, this funny series has been produced and also directed by Ugly Betty star America Ferrera.

Gentefied': Season 2 Premiere Set At Netflix – Deadline

Gentefied (Season 2): Renewal status

We have just crossed three months from the release of Gentefied, and finally, Netflix has already given the confirmation about the renewal of the series for the second season.

Gentefied Season2 Episode1 2

Gentefied (Season 2): Expectation

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It will continue from the time while Morales family was very busy celebrating the birth of the newborn daughter of Erik, Pop also was in trouble, and become arrested for the outstanding fine to charge from the vandalism from the next six months.

In this second season, we will see the fights of Morales’s cousins for helping their Pop stay in this country. When all have been dealing with new love, new babies, and estrange fathers. The first episode of the series showed that Pop had been arrested for urination in public and breaking a window, and after he got bell we have never seen him come back to the court or paying a fine for his actions. In these final moments, Erik understands that Pop had not there, only for them to be the witness of the family patriarch who had been taken away by ICE.

Gentefied Season2 Episode1

The Morales family becomes very desperate to find out him without having any idea of Pop to take away by ICE. It seems that they may be lucky and find the outstanding charges in the name of the Pop, but he can also be deported from the country. As a business power, Pop is also an undocumented immigrant. The dream of Erik and Lidia to move to Palo Alto, California in the future to put on hold until Pop to bring home and also the future of Mam Fina’s to be secure.

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gentefied season 2 netflix ICE “Gentefied (Season 2)": The Comedy Film has been renewed for the second season with the first look images

At last, Chris has decided to dedicate all his culinary skills to the mama Fina, but in this, the father also has dropped a large bombshell and has offered Chris an opportunity to visit culinary school. After some ongoing chaos and uncertainty of the Morales, Chris may not be going to the school anytime soon.

After the disagreement in between on and off again the couple Ana and Yessika will be pair to rejoin in the second season or not. It has been believed by Yessika that partaking in the food festival would have been catered to the gentrifies, but Ana become more concerned to keep alive Mama Fina.

We will lastly confirm that the future of mama Fina is also in huge trouble after it becomes exposed to Vivian who is an art connoisseur and planning to turn Mama Fina’s into the “theme pop-up food experience”.

gentefied season 2 netflix Vanessa Ana “Gentefied (Season 2)": The Comedy Film has been renewed for the second season with the first look images

Gentefied (Season 2): Production Status

The shooting of the show will start on 8th February 2021, it is still unknown about the last filming. On 8th February 2021, it is expected that they will get the word about the shooting to began on season 2 and give a big thanks to the account of Netflix’s Con Todo. It has also confirmed that America Ferrera would come to the chair of the director for season 2.

Gentefied' Season 2 to Premiere on Netflix in November - Variety

Gentefied (Season 2): Cast

We will like to inform you about the brand new cast members that have been announced back in April 2020, which also includes Clarissa Thibeaux as BreeSolano, Manuel Uriza as Ernesto Morales, Ivana Rojas as Serai Damian, Melinna Bobadilla as Melinna Barragan.

Gentefied season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, first look, and more

Gentefied (Season 2): Release Date

It has been confirmed on 10th September 2021 that the second season was set to drop on Netflix globally on 10th November 2021. It also reveals some first look of the pictures.

A big thanks to What’s on Netflix for the source.


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