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Gameskraft releases Trust Report for RummyCulture evincing its commitment to Fair and Responsible Gaming

In a groundbreaking and pioneering move, India’s leading homegrown skilled online games company Gameskraft has released a Trust Report for its prominent online rummy platform RummyCulture, offering a comprehensive look inside the platform’s fairplay practices, player support measures, and safety implementations. The unique report provides statistics across various categories of play on the platform and elaborates on responses taken to address user grievances.

Gameskraft has committed to releasing this report providing rich insights on a monthly basis on its RummyCulture website.

As a leading operator in the skilled real money gaming (RMG) industry, RummyCulture’s report is crucial and pertinent to the sector’s prospects. With RMG companies going through a period of reduced user trust resulting from years of regulatory uncertainty, severe market conditions, and negative sentiment, the Trust Report is a step towards building greater public confidence and dispelling myths, thereby combatting common misconceptions associated with the broader skill based online games community.

Gameskraft releases Trust Report for RummyCulture evincing its commitment to Fair and Responsible Gaming

Some of the highlights of the RummyCulture trust report include:
(Data is for the period of December 2023)

Fair play

  • Number of players blocked for fairplay violations: 1,484
  • Games cancelled due to fairplay violations: Less than 900.
  • Number of fairplay violations reported by players: 88
  • Reports found valid for action: less than 10%. 
  • Turnaround time to resolve fairplay violation: Less than 1 Hour

Responsible gaming

  • Number of players who received ‘Your Dost’ (independent third party online counsellor and emotional wellness partner) help: 36


  • Number of calls received on customer support: 56,742
  • % of complaints addressed to closure: 95% of issues resolved in less than 30 Mins.
  • Customer Support Satisfaction Score (CSAT): 95


  • Average time to process withdrawal process – 4 Sec

RummyCultures’s user services—including providing game insights to users which help them develop their skills as players —are elevating the brand’s stature as the nation’s trusted rummy app. This robust customer-facing aspect is reinforced by equally strong backend functionalities prioritising the user experience. From strict player table protocols to intuitive algorithms that ensure players don’t have an unfair advantage, the platform uses industry-leading practices and technologies to be as transparent as possible. RummyCulture also has a zero-tolerance approach towards fair play violations, using anti-cheat mechanisms to identify infringements and ban offenders permanently.

Divya Alok, Co-Founding Member, Gameskraft  said, “Our Trust Report is an acknowledgement of the solid relationship we have with our users, reaffirming our commitment to safeguarding their interests. With the release, we hope to promote transparency and accountability around skilled online gaming, building belief in the systems, processes, and technologies that we run on. It is vital for the sector’s future that we assure the people using our products that we value their trust and give them the best experience.”

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RummyCulture’s continuous promise of player safety is further reflected in its stringent third-party audits and certifications. The app is ISO 9001:2015 certified, SSL secured, and RNG certified. Additionally, it has a no-bot system and offers payouts instantaneously despite handling massive player traffic. The app’s technical integrity was highlighted when it hosted the world’s biggest online rummy tournament in 2020—a Guinness World Record.

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