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Foxin Foxfit Active SmartWatch review: A Fitness & Lifestyle Premium Watch

Foxin has launched its new Foxin Foxfit Active smartwatch with the latest features and specifications, expanding its smartwatch portfolio in India. The smartwatch offers a plethora of features which is sure to surprise its users and caters to a wide range of activities.

The standout features of this watch are its 2.5D Full Touch IPS Display, 24 hours Heart Rate Monitoring, SpO2 Monitoring, IP68 water resistance, Sleep Monitoring, Reminder to Move, Reminder to stay hydrated, Metallic and Replaceable silicon dual straps and many others.

The metal build of the watch gives it a premium look and it comes with various color options in the market like pearl grey metallic strap with the grey silicone strap, shimmer gold metallic strap with red silicon strap which I have received and jade black metallic strap with another black silicon strap.

Originally launched at a price of ₹2,799, now this smartwatch is readily available on Amazon India for a very affordable price of ₹2,599. Let’s check out its various specifications, features and performance and dive through its broad spectrum of functionalities.

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  • Features an all Aluminum Case with 1.4″(35mm) LCD display with a curved square dial that sports complete capacitive and responsive touch interface for effortless control.
  • The health monitoring feature in the watch helps you keep a track of heart rate & blood oxygen levels.
  • The daily activity tracker records daily steps taken, calories burnt and distances covered.
  • 7 active sports mode included to track your real time performance.
  • Comes loaded with a 180mAh battery that offers up to 15 days battery life and up to 30 days to stand by time so you never miss the fun.
  • Option to customize your watch face with more than 200 watch faces to choose from.
  • Receive all important notifications, from calls & texts, to social media & sedentary alerts, all in one place.
  • The IP68 Dust, Splash & Sweat Resistance makes it your perfect fitness companion.

In the Box:

Paperworks (User manual, 1-year Warranty Card), Foxin FoxFit Active SmartWatch, Magnetic Charger, Two Replaceable Straps.

Display and UI:

The smartwatch comes with a 1.4-inch square screen fully laminated HD IPS display with a resolution of 240*240 pixels. The colors on the screen look good and the text is sharp to read too. The watch provides an ample amount of brightness and hence I had no problem viewing the screen outdoors under bright sunlight.

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The Foxfit Active watch has a clean user interface and responsive touch feature which delivers smooth navigation and effortless control. The overall watch UI is very smooth because the watch is provided with the chipset RTL8762C.

All the applications inside the watch are easy to navigate, Swipe up for watch settings like brightness, theatre mode, swipe down for notification alerts, swipe right for various watch feature pages and swipe left for watch menu which is displayed in a beehive format.

Design & Strap:

The Foxfit Active watch has a strong metallic build of aluminium alloy, enamelled with lovely flat design and matte finish at the side with IP68 water resistance property, protected with 2.5D curved glass. The watch can be kept submerged underwater approximately for 1 to 1.5 meters with no worry at all.

It has an IML back case finished with a glossy look which contains the sensor of the watch and the metallic charging terminal. After unboxing the product, I was surprised to see that the watch came with a replaceable silicone strap which is red in color and a metallic shimmer gold metallic strap. So the user gets the option to swap between two types of colors and look as per his/her choice.

smartwatch13 1 Foxin Foxfit Active SmartWatch review: A Fitness & Lifestyle Premium Watch

The silicon strap is sturdy and of good quality with a buckle design while if the watch is paired with the metallic straps which come with a magnetic fit design creates a premium look. The watch is very comfortable to wear with both the silicon and metallic straps and can be worn throughout the day, carrying out all the daily chores with utmost ease. On the right side, we have the power button and navigation scrolling button.

Overall, the watch is sturdy and looks premium for its pricing. The thought of including two straps is quite good. The silicone strap offers comfort during your workout sessions and the metallic strap gives a premium feel when you need a formal look.


The Foxfit Active smartwatch comes with a Bluetooth range of 10 meters. It connects to both Android and iPhone with its compatible app. The watch easily connects with its compatible application in no time.

After the watch is connected with the app, you will continue to receive notifications of incoming calls and other alerts at the very same time. The connectivity range of the watch is also good so even if you are far from your phone, it shall not fail to notify you with important calls and reminders.

Fitness Features:

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, most people have restrained themselves from going to the gym and have started working out in their own homes. Here the Foxin active smartwatch will turn out to be very useful for keeping track of the number of calories you want to burn each day or calculating the duration of your daily exercise time.

It has the functionalities to record the number of steps, duration and pace during various outdoor activities and track various other activities like swimming, cycling, skipping, running etc. It has a total of 8 sports modes instilled within it. The detailed information about each sport mode can be obtained from its compatible app.

The Foxfit Active watch is both water and sweat resistive hence no need to worry about any sort of damage during your favourite training sessions. It can also accompany you during your swimming sessions. Still, it would have definitely been better if more sports modes would have been provided inside the watch.

Da Fit App:

The Foxin Foxfit Active smartwatch connects both Android and iPhone with its compatible app which is the Da Fit App. We can get detailed data about the various functionalities of the watch in the Da Fit App such as the record of sleep time for a complete week, the last seven trends in heartbeat, the number of calories lost during your last exercise session etc.

You get 4 inbuilt pre-installed watch faces with the fourth one being editable and customized as per your choice along with over 200 downloadable watch faces. You can get the complete record of your data here and it’s very easy to use and pair with the watch.

Health Monitoring Features:

The Foxin Foxfit Active smartwatch has various heath monitoring features which are extremely useful for tracking one’s crucial health parameters on a regular basis.

SpO2 Monitor-

The smartwatch can be used to measure the blood oxygen level and the details of it can be viewed in the application. It takes just e few seconds to measure your blood oxygen level at any time anywhere without any hassle.

Blood Pressure Monitor-

It can be used to measure our blood pressure and comes in handy in keeping a regular check over our blood pressure levels. It gives accurate results in a very short span of time and the details of it can be tracked in the application.

Heart Rate Monitor-

The Foxfit Active watch contains a dedicated HRS3300 chipset for accurate heart rate monitoring. It does give accurate results and can be worn all day long as it has 24 hours heart rate monitoring option but this can drain the battery quickly.

Sleep Monitoring-

If you keep wearing your Foxfit watch while you are sleeping, it will provide the number of hours you have slept on the watch screen and in the application. You will also get the detailed information regarding your sleep pattern in the form of curves and graphs which can help you monitor your sleep patterns well.

Drink Water Reminders-

Staying hydrated is extremely necessary for all of us but most of the time, we tend to forget to drink an ample amount of water due to our busy and fast-paced lives. At this time, the watch comes very handily because it can work as a reminder to drink water after regular intervals which need to be set by the user in the Da Fit app.

Reminder to Move-

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, our lifestyles have changed a lot from before and all of us are working from our homes. Due to this drastic change in our lifestyle, we tend to sit at one place and work for a prolonged period of time which is not at all good for our health. The FoxFit smartwatch can be used as a reminder to move after fixed intervals of time.

Breathe Training and Stress Management-

The Foxfit Active watch can be used to monitor breathing rate and help in reducing stress and improving other vital capacities.

Notifications and Other Apps:

The Foxfit Active smartwatch can be used to receive real-time notifications of incoming calls, text messages, notifications from other apps etc. You can choose which notifications you want and which you don’t want by configuring the settings in the Da Fit App.

The smartwatch also has other features like it can monitor the weather, can be used to set up an alarm, can be used as a remote control for the music player in your phone and camera, can be used as a stopwatch etc.

smwa27 1 Foxin Foxfit Active SmartWatch review: A Fitness & Lifestyle Premium Watch

Battery Life and Charging:

The Foxin Foxfit Active watch comes with a battery life of 180mAh and if used continuously will last over almost 7 days which is quite good. The battery life completely depends on its usage and brightness levels. It comes with a dual pin magnetic charger and it grips quite well at the back of the watch.


In the market, you have tons of smartwatches to choose from, what makes this stand out from others is its very affordable pricing and its unique design. Stuffed with a lot of features, this Foxin Foxfit Active is a must-have for those who are looking for an affordable solution without compromising on the features.

Get the new Foxin Foxfit smartwatch from here with FREE One-Day for ₹2,599: https://amzn.to/3HLs8QL


Design & Strap
Fitness Features
UI & other functionalities
Battery Life


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