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“Foundation”: Apple TV+ has dropped the final trailer of the Sci-Fi Epic

Apple TV+ has dropped a new full-length trailer of the sci-fi series Foundation. It is an incredible blockbuster science fiction series based on the novels of that exact name Isaac Asimov. It is definitely an iconic trilogy of Isaac Asimov, who depicts the galaxy’s collapse, and a story of a band of exiles who are struggling to protect humanity.

It is undoubtedly a distinguished sci-fi pedigree with a staggering budget the series has promised as the streaming win of that Apple TV+ that has been chasing.

Apple's latest 'Foundation' trailer features an enormous space elevator

Foundation: Plot

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This series mainly belong to the long-running series of that same title of the science fiction titan Isaac Asimov, which has released seven instalments over half of the century. In 1966 this series beat out The Lord of the Rings to get a prestigious one-time Hugo Award for “Best All-Time Series”. It has been confirmed that the first installment has been centered on Hari Seldo, aa mathematician who has spent his entire life developing the psychohistory, a statistical process through which one can predict the future of large populations.

FOUNDATION (2021) Teaser Trailer 2: Jared Harris predicts Lee Pace's  Galactic Empire is Coming to an End [Apple TV+] | FilmBook

Seldon invoked for stand trial where he can predict the imminent fall of the Galactic Empire that a 30,00 year dark age has followed before rising of the second empire. The event is continued its unfolding and also an alternative prediction that has promised of a dark age for only one millennium that the Seldon can assemble a Foundations for scientists and engineers who will be able to create the Encyclopedia Galactica, which is a compendium of all the knowledge of the human beings. At last, the request of Seldon becomes granted through him and his fellow “Encyclopedists”, it has seen as the doomsayers of the ruling family that are exiled to the remote planet of Terminus.

Foundation' drops second trailer for Apple TV+ series

Now, after fifty years, Seldon becomes dead, and Terminus is under freefall. Seldon has left a hologram that informs Encyclopedists that the Encyclopedia Galactica was a mere ruse to assemble a population on Terminus that can instrumentally reduce the dark age. As Terminus is growing with power, develop with the near and the greater technologies that can outstrip theGalactic Empire’s capabilities,s an interplanetary showdown that is playing out in between the warring planets all of which are involving with the galactic dominance.


This series features Emmy winner Jared Harris who has the lead cast as Hari Seldon; Lee Pace is appearing as the emperor of Galactic Brother Day. Lou Llobell is featuring as Gaal, Lea Harvey as salvor, Laura Birn as demerzel, and Terrence Mann as the Brother Dusk. The screenwriter David Goyer is the driving force behind the adaptation and serves as the executive producer and showrunner. The other executive producer is Robyn Asimov, who is the daughter of Asimov.

Foundation Trailer Brings Isaac Asimov's Sci-Fi Series to Apple TV+ – /Film

Release Date

This sci-fi series has set to land on 24th September 2021. This sci-fi series will reveal the first two episodes, and after that, it will debut the latest episode weekly.

Here is the trailer of the series:

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  1. It is my hope that the enlarged worldwide exposure that the new Apple TV+ series will give to Asimov’s Foundation series will inspire many more to seek to create a psychohistory, and a Foundation, at the scale of planet Earth, to help avert, or at least to help foreshorten, the new/potentially Final Dark Age that is looming for us all here and now, due to the plutocracy’s psycho-engineering, and global propagation and promotion, of a humanocidal “People Are Pollution” ideology.


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