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FIFA 23 BLACK FRIDAY: ROAD TO THE WORLD CUP is here but it doesn’t seem that exciting

The Black Friday Foundations Pack is one of a few unique extras coming to FIFA 23. The bundle delivers a special collection of additions to the game and follows all the Black Friday additions that EA Sports has made since last night.

EA Sports frequently includes special packs to mark the debut of advertisements and seasonal content. Among other content, launch-day special packs for the FUT World Cup mode included FIFA World Cup players. The Black Friday Foundations Pack follows a similar path while including unique products not found in normal packs.

Here’s what players will receive from opening the pack:

  • 1 FUT World Cup Swap Token1 TOTW player rated 83 or higher.
  • The card will be a random one from those released between TOTW 1 – TOTW 9 squad
  • 12 Rare Gold Players10 FIFA World Cup Player Picks between 2 options.
  • 1 out of 3 FUT World Cup Icon pick loan for seven games

None of the content may be traded and must be used by FIFA 23 players as either fodder or in their squads.


Additionally, they can use FIFA World Cup products to fulfill certain tasks that need for playing cards from particular nations.

Here’s what the associated odds of the pack are:

Gold 75+ cards – 100%Gold
82+ cards – 100%Gold
86+ cards – 38%
Team of the Week cards – 100%
Road to the FIFA World Cup cards – 1.7%

With greater overall cards substantially reducing numbers, the odds are at best average. A World Cup Icon cannot be obtained through the Black Friday Foundations Pack, either. The only one a FIFA 23 player will receive is a loan for seven games.

The benefits themselves are not anything to talk about. Even worse, if the cards aren’t good enough, they must be utilized as fodder because none of them are tradeable.

Most of this fodder will be low-rated and accessible on the FUT market for reasonable prices given the odds of the pack. Even while the Black Friday Foundations Pack is not as expensive as the Black Friday 100 pack, it still costs 75,000 FUT coins, which is a lot.

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