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Faadu: Sony LIV’s new Love Drama film Beautifully Depicts the Reality of this Society

SonyLIV has dropped the new trailer of the love drama film titled, ‘Faadu’. This tale has revolved around greed and survival which indicates well without any firm grip. This is the streaming platform with the protagonist Abhay has written down a poem for a couple of minutes and reciting it to Manjari late at night. She’s late to return to her hostel and doesn’t mind.

Manjari tears up listening to the poem, but the next second Abhay tears up the paper instead and tells her that poetry doesn’t attract him at all. Why she asks. Tiwari allows the shot to stay a second longer on Abhay’s face and it tells us how Abhay’s circumstances have forced him to become this mercenary, even though he would want to explore other interests. 


The film beautifully depicts this pensive deliberation of its protagonist. With the purposeful work that tries to stop you in the tracks and consider these people who are trying to rise above their present circumstances. It is a template that has worked well for the director, whose Nil Battey Sannata, Bareilly Ki Barfi, and even Panga are portraits of dogged resilience.  Faadu stumbled quite early on, and never fully recovers from there on. We meet Abhay first, who announces in a voiceover that a person who studies for a degree doesn’t really understand the world. We also meet Manjari along the way, who hails from Konkan and travels to Mumbai for her college.  

It doesn’t stop Manjari from hopelessly falling in love with him as she has written back to her father regularly about her relationships, and calls him a living poem in comparison with him Namdeo Dhasal. Abhay is having a recurring line of not being able to chase his dreams. Yet the way he chases his dreams, by gambling and then losing his father’s auto and their house in a matter of seconds boasts of nothing else but miscalculated recklessness.

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There is no zeal, only a sense of callous overconfidence. An entire episode is wasted following Abhay’s persistence that he has it in him to win the gambling bet. He even submits a down payment to book a room in a multi Storey building on a whim. Manjari of course nods to every decision he makes with a submissive, teary-eyed glance. But then the entire decision is beautifully neglected and we move back to square one.

As if Abhay and Manjari have forgotten about it entirely. We haven’t. They marry soon, and in another unintentionally hilarious scene, Abhay begins to play the pipe in his own wedding because he believes he is good at it. 

faad2 Faadu: Sony LIV’s new Love Drama film Beautifully Depicts the Reality of this Society

The slowing pace is not the main problem, but the narratives don’t suites the track. The characters visit as immature and lazy, careless and stubborn. Faadu wishes to work with a love story but there’s no love that can get minimum in the never-ending stares that unveils Abhay and Manjari seem to communicate with.

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There is no such chemistry between the leads and the central love story barely achieves prominence in the painful progression of events. Manjar is working on her thesis, wishing to buy a book for her research on Shakespeare, and to save money she states that she would rather sit in the shop and take notes than buy the book. The journey going to leave you with the same disappointment and exhaustion deriving its title. 

Pavail Gulati left no effort undone to put his best and was quite sincere in the way he responds to the numerous turns of the narrative but there’s that odd upper-class English accent that instantly rattles off the believability.

Saiyami Kher’s Manjari is terribly one-note and never fully draws in as a portrait of a modern woman who has her own dreams and ambition. Abhilash Thapliyal’s performance is perhaps the only tune that rings true in Faadu. 

This is mainly such a disappointing addition to Tiwari’s oeuvre working that fails to get a uniform sense of direction. Faadu has presented itself as a love story that stretched more than 11 episodes.   

faad1 Faadu: Sony LIV’s new Love Drama film Beautifully Depicts the Reality of this Society

Faadu: Release Date 

SonyLIV dropped the film on 9th December. The movie is already streaming on SonyLIV.

Here is the trailer: 

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