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Excitel’s 400 Mbps plan for just INR 599/- brings high-speed internet at affordable pricing

Looking to have high-speed internet connectivity without having to spend a lot? Well, if you are an enthusiast Excitel‘s new 400 Mbps broadband connectivity will surely excite you, why? Because of its incredible INR 599/- pricing on a monthly basis, cannot believe right? But its true!

While the speed varies, the 400 Mbps connection is the best option for improving your internet experience. A 400 Mbps data plan is capable of streaming large files and supporting advanced business activities and contrary to popular belief, this high-speed internet plan does not come at a high-cost price.  Excitel is the first company in youar city to offer high-speed internet at 400 Mbps for INR 599/- only.

With only INR 599, Here are some advantages of the new 400 Mbps plan

  • Experience unlimited download and seamless upload within seconds: With 400Mbps, you can now run multiple applications and tasks per day with little to no lag on a fibre-optic connection. A 400 Mbps connection can support dozens of online users performing bandwidth-intensive activities, and the speed is attained in the blink of an eye. The new high-speed plan allows faster uploads and downloads, minimises time to complete tasks and optimises your daily internet consumption.
  • Binge watch your favourite shows without buffer: People have grown accustomed to binge-watching on their own devices. Prior to the evolution, high speed internet was limited to offices space but now this accessibility has trickled down to one’s home, allowing multiple devices to operate at the same time. 400 Mbps speed allows you to stream 4K videos online without buffering. It also supports streaming different media to multiple TVs and computer screens throughout the house by using the same internet connection.
  • Uninterrupted and buffer-free online gaming:  If you enjoy gaming, you should strongly consider upgrading. When it comes to uninterrupted online gaming, the 400 Mbps plan is the most preferred.  With growing popularity of combat games such as Free Fire, Modern Combat, and Assassins Creed among others, it is critical to consider a bandwidth speed that is not disrupted due to many players connected to the same internet. To support your high-speed device, you’ll need a connection that is seamless to boost your winning streak. 

Excitel’s INR 599/- plan will allow you to upload multiple files in seconds or binge watch content on multiple devices without interruption at 400 Mbps, regardless of the size of the applications or the number of people using it. Visit Excitel’s website or contact your service provider to get more details.

Raunak Saha
Raunak Saha
A cs engineer by profession but foodie from heart. I am tech lover guy who has a passion for singing. Football is my love and making websites is my hobby.


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