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Every minute detail you missed in the trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

We have already got the first full trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Now the MCU fans will arise the same question right now that is Patrick Stewarts’s Professor Xavier is that person so that the entire universe thing will take off. Now we are going to do a deep analysis of the new footage that has set the burning question and also see it reveals MCU’s first real horror adaptation or not.

Doctor Strange 2: All The Secrets And References Hidden In The Trailer! Doctor  Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | FilmyHype

The new trailer just starts with Strange’s terrific nightmare and a frightening hellscape that is filled with bones and skulls, dead trees, bent askew and infront of him as there is a representation of the Sanctum Sanctorum and it is just collapsing with inky emptiness just like the other Newyork buildings as we have seen in the first trailer and all are calling the comic book along with the ink melting reality.

 This time it is significantly very thinner than we have seen last time in the Spider-Man: No Way Home and if you look closely this time it is one floor taller and looking like a haunted hotel.

In the sky there is a  glowing red eye that reminds us about the red edges hex of Wanda Maximoff reality in WandaVision, now we will going to expose that this whole thing has been projected into Strange’s mind by Scarlet Witch from the commercials as we know that these two can share the psychic link now this Strange has a blue sewn into the backside of his cloak with an inverse red patch on blue with Defender Strange. Who protected  America Chavez in the second blue versus red that is assumed to be an important point of contrast of the movie.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer Analysis

Strange is seen to be shifted from his normal tone to the blue tone along with many features of signal passivity that contrast with Wanda Maximoff’s red chaos and violence.

The main question what is waiting opposite the Sanctum door? It seems that there is a reverse shot of the entrance of Strange revealed in the first trailer and reveals a story sea has claiming whole structure of Sanctum loaded for the central staircase which is very high and has no limit.

Now at the beginning of a stair, there are two statues one male and female that may be Maximoff twins. Now the scene when a tea drops on the floor there is a wheel of a wheelchair that no doubt of Professor X from X-Men movies.

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Doctor Strange Super Bowl Trailer Gives Us The Multiverse Of Madness

The trailer reveals America Chavez getting strung up infront of a  start portal looking very close to endless more star portals in which and that is the best-known power to kick open the star-shaped portals. It is assumed is the home reality of the Utopian  Parallel of face distraction of black holes so her mothers sacrificed themselves throughout the multiverse. The creature that is attacking assuming to be a demiurge who is the embodiment of earth’s sentient life in the comics that is the original source of her ports.

We should mention Billy Kaplan Wiccan the son of Wanda Maximoff that can tie this film with the fate of Wanda and also her sons to that American Chavez. This demonic creature also may be the Citric himself like Strange used to constrict to bind the hand of Thanos.

Doctor Strange 2 poster feature a hidden Captain Carter Easter egg |  GamesRadar+

In the poser, we have seen a broken shard of glass reflecting the shield of  Captain Carter that is hinting Haley Artwell may come in this film as a live-action version of the character.  While Strange has orbs in his hand and that is coming from the dark hole in the floor and it has appeared in the WandaVision first in Agatha’s possession before it had been claimed by Wanda and that is the reason the magic conjures now red like Wanda’s chaos magic as seen in the conjuring in the final Wanda Vision scenes.

It also reveals the several depictions of the multiple universes connected with Dr. Strange trying to find particularly one world and infront of him there is standing Wanda Maximoff with him then Strange become afraid slams the entire magic into the book like he wants to hide it from the person in his room. The trailer shows a triangle that may be the symbol of Marvels’ Illuminati that is the location he wants to hide from Wanda Maximoff.

Doctor Strange 2' Trailer Introduces Professor X and Evil Wanda - CNET

In the trailer, Strange says about our world that means his actions only going to save his universe at the cost of all the other universes. Strange give the time stone to give such improper advantage for undoing Thanos’s snap and currently he does the magic of the ruined of cough call basically gaslight and warp society into the entire bunch of plot holes. The universe of Strange starts felt and the exact way open such interdimensional threats as we see melting rooftop, flying cars and the black strands from the sky remind us of the ancient one’s dark branch timeline.

It continues with the show of the séance in the Camertage Courtyard as we have seen the same beneath that Minotaur sorcerer, this Rintrah comes from the comics half bull and half-human. The Scarlett Witch indeed is one attacking  Camertage as actually as in TV spot it reveals that the sorcerers in that courtyard race their shields on the floating figure, we can confirm say that it is Wanda.

Now Wanda tells Vision of the series had different theories about the multiverse and it was dangerous. After the warning of Vision Wanda still, create an alternate reality in that Westview hex and continues to peer through alternate universes to get her children.

The Nightmare Begins: Breaking Down the "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse  of Madness" Trailer and Poster - LaughingPlace.com

After Strange becomes handcuffed he comes to the Supreme Court. The Illuminati panel has six chairs for three members we are assuming Kang is the fourth member who has constructed his crude imitation of the Illuminati Citadel that is a Sham Judicial Bureaucracy run by the three puppets. It seems that one member is Charles on the right and the sited figure on the left wears a fitting suit that seems to be  Vibranium armor of Black that indicates Black Panther, it may include the new actor playing the clarinet of T’Challa. The right side chair also may be Photon or Monica Rambo. The Ultron Centuries is a cue that one member of the panel belongs to Ultron Infinity.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Was Superior Iron Man and Professor  X in the Trailer? - GameRevolution

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Professor X

 We are the first to come to end the confusion in the minds of the fans. Now it is true that Sir Patrick Stewart is going to reprise his role as Professor Xavier. This news definitely makes Chuck the first major X-Men character that has appeared in the MCU. In the trailer, he reveals with a  voice as he is saying Strange that we should tell the truth.

It is assuming that the truth here is the MCU is not the core reality of the multiverse and instead, we have actually lived in an unfinished post house of reality the place where mutants have been deleted this whole time and it did not see as anything wrong.

Now one thing is less clear along with the version of Xavier Stewart also playing this time. It is obvious that not the one we had seen died brutally in2017’s Logan. Xavier is going to come to be wearing a black robe or cloak, reminiscent of his uniform in 2014’s Days of Future Past. Now it is expected that there will be a version of Xavier from the universe where that timeline was never undone or not.

Who is the villain in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'? -  Deseret News

It is actually the multiverse on which we are working and now it may be going to be a completely different version of Professor X then we have seen ahead. The more real takeaway that he has seems that he become part of a group of heroes and also just keeps watching over the multiverse. In this section of the movie, it has been set to appear that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange also has been taken the answer of the crimes that he had done against time and space.

Marvel Studios has been rumored that introduce the Illuminati who is a  clandestine group of heroes who also have been taken on themselves for saving the Earth at any cost. It is expected we may see Illuminati here, though this version also has been apparently been reworking for protecting the whole multiverse rather than any of the one version of Earth.

Xavier obviously will not come alone then who will be along with Xavier and it seems that We have not gotten enough goof luck at any other members, but we can see a group of Ultron drones escorting  Strange along with the bizarre headquarters. It will be able to imply the version of Tony Stark and  Bruce Banner are become Illuminati members or not.

The Marvels' Reportedly Wraps Production - MarvelBlog.com

We also going to see what things are going to appear as a version of Captain Marvel combat Scarlet Witch. This version of Captain Marvel is seriously completely unknown as we have no idea that this Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers or become another character like  Monica Rameau. Monica has already gone by both Captain Marvel and Photon in Marvel’s comics. Now it seems like Monica also be more likely to give how close the sequel connected with such events of WandaVision.

Hayley Atwell Expresses Interest in Having Peggy Carter Return to the MCU —  GeekTyrant

It seems that these newly drop-out posters for Multiverse of Madness also stare at the vibranium shield of Captain Carter who has currently set to debut in the animated series Marvel’s What If…? The main question is the most powerful Peggy Carter will join Illuminati after her last appearance.

It has been clear that What If…? Is also required for view before watching  Multiverse of Madness. It is hoping that Jeffrey Wright’s Utah the Watcher will be making the believer action debut.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:  Three Versions of Doctor Strange

Now the biggest takeaway from this trailer is about Stephen who has not been quite carefree like in the Spider-Man: No Way Home. It seems that the events of that near-disastrous brushing along with the multiverse also seem like weighing on to him. We also can see Wong who is scolding his old friend for not heeding his advice.

It is very safe to assume as Strange is now dealing with some unexpected conditions from the events of No Way Home and also has been forcing him to turn into both Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez for help.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer Analysis & Theories

It is also based on some of the early marketing and there are the toy releases with Multiverse of Madness as we will know that there are at least three versions of Doctor Strange seeming to appear in the sequel. There is also one of these that has been known  as “Defender Strange.” Now we will not see the more comic book-inspired version centered on the character in the trailer, though there is the bronze statue in the trailer that may be revealing  Defender Strange in his home universe. It seems that this scene has been suggesting out Doctor Strange maybe feel a little depressed at watching the hero that he also could be seen.

What can we expect from “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”? -  Quora

This new Defender Strange has a ponytail back with stripes saving America Chavez from this thing. And it is like a 3D version of Strange normal flat eldritch magic for holding that entity and he is tumbling to the star portal and then finding out Doctor Strange is in bed. Now the main question is that Doctor Strange as his hand was healed but in past films always meant to be forever scarred and weak and there is an iPad left on in his bed and coffee filters in the test tubes and in the trailer Strange says that he used to see the same dream at every night hell Sanctum.

Now the other version, however,  is a Doctor Strange that we have seen before. We will also see a bit more of such Strange  Supreme earlier, there is another character firstly introduced in What If…? It is a twisted version of Strange that has destroyed the whole universe just in a doomed attempt to protect his Christine Palmer. At the end of the trailer, we can see what  Supreme has been absorbed into his body battling to escape.

Doctor Strange' 2 Super Bowl Trailer: In the Multiverse of Madness |  IndieWire

The trailer reveals Strange and American Chavez falling to reality with dinosaurs of T-Rex and they are fighting a triceratops. If you look closely they have been smashed with the animated reality this could be one-way doors open to crossovers and it may be connected with animated captain Carter then Strange e is exploited is on the form of cubic puzzle pieces a visual that is looking a blend of draxes stone hit and Infinity War and Joe Quesada’s art of the Scarlet Witch on the house of them cover the variant with some blocks looking a stone statue and you can see the rows of Steven’s teeth intact in the gum of Strange.

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer: Evil Doctor Strange Return To Terrorize The  Multiverse! - Phantom Buddy

It may be the Supreme version of Strange with the Sanctum Santorum as we have seen in the opening shot of the trailer. It is mainly alone brownstone has been standing into the sea of nothingness. There is a chance of the palace of he who remains seen in the first season finale of Loki. Now we have to wait to watch how closely this movie will be connected with Loki mainly given that the series is also responsible for bringing the Marvel multiverse into play for the first place. A big thanks to Loki for Professor X for making MCU debut.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Villains

It is when it comes to the villain part then we do have not to get that much information about it. Now if we believe in Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Karl Mordo, then Strange himself is a real bad guy here.. We should know that Strange will combat with Gargantos, the  Lovecraft Ian as quid monster who will appear to be Marvel Vs. Capcom fan-favorite Shuma-Gorath with another name. The one-shot indicates Gargantos is mainly hunting America Chavez who is a character whose power allows her for hopping in between universes.

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Teases Scarlet Witch's Massive Role - News Concerns

It seems that the new trailer also suggests  Wanda could be wind up to be the main villain of the movie.  We should give a thank you to the end part of WandaVision as it gives us such glimpses as she has possessed the Darkhold and also has been peering through the multiverse to find out the world where her children exist.

The latest shot suggests as she may even find that universe just to find out an alternate version of herself already enjoying such domestic bliss.

Wanda who is still lamenting the fact that Doctor Strange has been hailed as a hero while he has been tampered with along with time and also reality, where are the magic will be getting her branded as a villain. Now in between that and the shot of Captain Marvel combat Scarlet Witch, Wanda could very well become the MCU’s best version of Harvey Dent here. There is a  hero who is living long enough to be the villain instead.

It seems that the real Doctor Strange has been culminating in the battle not with Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, but Dormammu. It may be possible as there is another powerful, supernatural villain who is trying to pull the string of everyone.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Who's the Green Bull Guy?

There is also some mysterious foe whoop are attacking such sorcerers of Camertage.  Now you are also wondering who that green minotaur is, that creature is Rintrah. He already got his action figure and everything.

It seems that the trailer also may even be  teas that also can reveal while Stephen referring to the waking  lifelike, ” a  nightmare.” We are assuming that it is a clue that we are about to meet  Nightmare with a  demon who is defying on the psychic energy of framing mortals. In between Strange Supreme and the Scarlet Witch the sequel also may have all the evil firepower as it needs already.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness': Who Is That Voice? And 5  Other Questions We Have After That Trailer

The trailer reveals the shot that Morto is striking Strange’s cuds. Now if Morto doing the with a purpose to freeze Strange so that Strange help them to fight this invading Scarlet  Witch, but it seems to be late as the huge explosion from the red chaos magic tears through the HQ and leaves like fireworks as Rambo’s form gets exploits.

Doctor Strange 2 Teases Captain Marvel Cameo

Wanda will invade the Illuminati HQ and enter into a huge brawl with someone who is looking like they have become binary like the way as Captain Marvel. Now if you give a  close look then there is a woman of color. We can confirm say that this lady character is either Monica Rameau one her mother Monica Rameau as Monica Rameau’s call sign was Photon and also in the main MCU she died due to cancer while blip but Monica Rameau can boost up into the Superhero as we have assumed wither be photon on the spectrum and as she passed through the hex world her body selves alternatively and this it would be that alternate one selves.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Mystery of Two Wanda

Doctor Strange 2: Wanda Goes Back to Westview in Super Bowl Trailer

The most interesting fact is the trailer reveals two wands meeting each other as the background indicates the West View house in one division and you can see two scooters in the background that belongs to her sons Billy and Tommy and there are one baseball gloves on the floor but the place is wrecked the staircase handrail the blusters are broken like some battle happens there. The standing one has the barefoot.

Doctor Strange' Super Bowl Trailer: Scarlet Witch in 'Multiverse' - Variety

Now the thing is if this kneeling Wanda tried to recreate the  West View hex to get her children once more but dialed and defeated and she is now letting the darker side of her identity take over if you think about it at the last time we saw her in Wanda Vision on her consciousness was broken into two conscious selves and something who project as normally cannot do as there was one in casual and the other in the Scarlet Witch form researching for her kids. Now the main question is which one is the deadlier who is standing in casual or who is searching for kids.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Ending Explained

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness' TV Spot Teases Zombies

The trailer ends with a version of Doctor Strange and  Wong on the snowy mount trying to reign in these demonic figures that are looking like the exact inky textures that building and the other surfaces are melting into like chaos and all bleeding. It also shows a close-up of Strange in a rotting way and just looking like zombie Strange self we have said it because TV Spot also revealed Wanda in a  zombie look.

Zombie Doctor Strange: Who Is He, Powers, Abilities, & More

The final shots reveal rotting Strange covering darkness rift into darkness dozens of inky skeletons and trying to shove out past him skeleton arms fan out behind him like the calling images of icon pose that Strange forms while fighting with Thanos.

Here is the trailer

A big thanks for the source.

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