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Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2024

Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More 

Dinesh Karthik, a re­nowned Indian cricketer who has gaine­d recognition in both international and domestic cricke­t. He is highly regarded for his e­xceptional wicketkee­ping abilities, agile fielding, and aggre­ssive batting style. Beyond the­ cricket arena, Karthik is admired for his magne­tic personality and the loving bond he share­s with his wife, Dipika Pallikal. Dipika Pallikal herself e­xcels as a professional Squash Player. In te­rms of wealth, Dinesh Kartik’s net worth stands at $13 million USD (approximate­ly 95 crores INR). Dinesh Karthik’s wife has turned 39.

Dipika Pallikal, hailing from Chennai, India, is a re­nowned professional squash player. Born on Se­ptember 21, 1991, she e­mbarked on her squash journey at the­ tender age of six. Pallikal has proudly re­presented India in nume­rous international tournaments and has triumphed in winning se­veral medals for her nation. Notably, she­ achieved the highe­st honor by clinching a gold medal at the prestigious 2014 Commonwe­alth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2023

In a fortuitous meeting arranged by destiny, Karthik and Pallikal’s lives intersected through a network of mutual friends in 2013. Immediately captivated by an unmistakable connection, their relationship grew rapidly, igniting the beginnings of a deep love story. Yielding to the attraction of their shared love, they embarked on a romantic journey, solidifying their fate as soulmates.

The enchantment of their love culminated in a clandestine engagement, a precious secret they held close to their hearts for several months. It was in the quiet embrace of November 2013 that they exchanged the promise of forever, their devotion sealed with a ring. The world would soon bear witness to the blossoming of their union, as the announcement graced the eager ears of the media in February 2014, spreading ripples of joy and anticipation.

The vibrant tapestry of their love story found its vivid climax on the enchanting canvas of August 18, 2015. In a resplendent display of tradition and heartfelt vows, Karthik and Pallikal pledged their eternal commitment to one another, adorning the canvas of Chennai with the hues of a joyous Christian ceremony. As their nearest and dearest, including esteemed cricketers and squash players, gathered to witness the sanctity of their love, the air shimmered with palpable excitement.

DK Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2024

Clad in resplendent attire that mirrored their inner radiance, the couple emanated a celestial beauty that enthralled all who beheld them. The ethereal charm and profound love that enveloped Karthik and Pallikal on their special day transcended the boundaries of time and space, capturing the hearts of onlookers and sparking a frenzy on social media. The world couldn’t resist the allure of their union, as their wedding pictures traversed the virtual realms, evoking awe and admiration in their wake.

Karthik and Pallikal’s love story is a true­ testament to the powe­r of fate and the profound beauty that e­merges when two souls find solace­ in each other. Their re­markable journey, intricately wove­n with love, devotion, and shared dre­ams, serves as an inspiring example­ for all who yearn for a love that surpasses the­ ordinary. Their affection paints life’s canvas with vibrant hue­s of joy and togetherness, sparking hope­ and reminding us of the enchantme­nt that accompanies love’s embrace­.

Since their wedding, Karthik and Pallikal have been setting relationship goals with their adorable pictures and loving posts on social media. They often share pictures of their vacations, date nights, and other special moments on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse into their personal lives. 

Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2023

Karthik is known for being a supportive and loving husband to Pallikal. He often attends her matches and is seen cheering for her from the stands. In an interview, Pallikal once revealed that Karthik is her biggest supporter and that he motivates her to give her best in every match. 

Pallikal, too, is a supportive wife and is often seen cheering for Karthik from the stands during his matches. She has often spoken about how proud she is of her husband and his achievements in cricket. 

Karthik and Pallikal are also known for their philanthropic work. They have worked together to support various charitable causes, including the education of underprivileged children and the welfare of animals. In 2018, they launched their own foundation called ‘The Dinesh Karthik Foundation,’ which aims to provide opportunities for young athletes to pursue their dreams. 

Overall, Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal make an adorable couples and are an inspiration to many. Their love and support for each other have helped them to achieve success in their respective fields and have made them one of the most loved couples in Indian sports. 

di2 Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2024

Who is Dinesh Karthik Wife?

Dipika Pallikal was born on 21 September 1991 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She belongs to a Malayali family as her father, Sanjiv Pallikal, is a businessman from Kollam, and her mother, Susan Itticheria, is a former Indian women’s cricket captain from Kochi. 

She started playing squash at six and was coached by Cyrus Poncha and Major S. Maniam. She moved to Melbourne in 2009 to train under Sarah Fitz-Gerald, a five-time world champion. 

She became the first Indian to win a British Junior Open title in 2011 when she won the under-19 category. She also became the first Indian to win a WISPA title when she won the Orange County Open in 2010. 

Early Life 

Dipika Pallikal grew up in Chennai, where she attended Good Shepherd Matriculation Higher Secondary School and Lady Andal Venkata Subba Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School. 

She was interested in sports from a young age and played various games such as tennis, basketball, and swimming. She was introduced to squash by her father, who took her to a squash court near their home. 

She fell in love with the game and decided to pursue it professionally. She joined the Indian Squash Academy (ISA) where she trained under Cyrus Poncha and Major S. Maniam. 


Dipika Pallikal made her international debut for India at 14 in 2006 at the Asian Games in Doha, where she reached the quarter-finals. She also played in the World Junior Squash Championships in 2007, finishing ninth. 

She became the first Indian to win a British Junior Open title when she won the under-19 category in Sheffield. She also played in the World Open in Rotterdam, where she reached the second round. She played in the World Open in Grand Cayman, reaching the quarter-finals. 

In 2019, she won one PSA title when she won the Macau Open for the first time. She also reached the final of the Cleveland Classic again, where she lost to Tesni Evans. 

She won one PSA title when she won the Manchester Open in 2021. She played in the World Open in Cairo, reaching the quarter-finals. She also played in the Asian Squash Championship in Doha, winning a silver medal in the singles and a gold medal in the team event. 

In 2024, she won one PSA title when she won the British Open for the first time. She also played in the Asian Squash Championship in Bangkok, winning a gold medal in the singles and a gold medal in the team event. 

di3 Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2024

Dinesh Karthik Wife Net Worth and Earnings 

Dipika Pallikal has an estimated net worth of $13 million (95 crores INR) as of 2024. As a Grade A contracted player, she earns a monthly salary of Rs 2 lakhs rupees ($1,444) from the Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI). 

Dinesh Kartihk Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family

Full Name Dipika Rebecca Pallikal Karthik 
Born 21 September 1991 
Age 31 years 
Height 171 cm (5 ft 7 + 1 ⁄ 2 in) 
Nationality Indian 
Birthplace Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 
Net Worth $13 million USD (95 crores INR approx) 
Major Title British Open 2023 
Highest Ranking No.10 PSA Women’s Rankings (2014) 
Relationship Married 
Husband Dinesh Karthik 
Instagram ID @dipikapallikal 
Twitter ID @DipikaPallikal 


Dipika Pallikal is married to Dinesh Karthik, an Indian cricketer who plays for Tamil Nadu and Kolkata Knight Riders. 

Career Stats 

Format Matches Wins Losses Titles 
PSA World Tour 212 132 80 12 

Before Deepika Pallikal, Dinesh Kartik also has a first marriage, which depicts the dark phase of his life. Nikita Vijay is an Indian casting artist and socialite who is best known as the wife of Indian professional cricketer and right-handed opening batsman Murali Vijay. She was previously married to another Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. 

She is a casting artist at the Mumbai-based 3D casting company, Impressions Forever, which creates hand and feet impressions for babies, couples, and families with 3D technology. She is a mother of three beautiful children, she enjoys the fulfilling experience of making young parents very happy with her casting work. At the time of her third pregnancy, she appeared in a photoshoot for Amrita Samant, a maternity, newborn, and child photographer based in Bangalore, with her son and her daughter. 

di6 Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2024

Nikita Vijay and Dinesh Karthik become Separated: 

The father of Nikita Vijay, Deepak, and Krishna Kumar, the father of Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik are two best friends. Due to this Nikita and Karthik had known each other since they were very young and developed feelings for each other. The two families eventually decided to unite in marriage when Karthik was just 21 years old. The marriage ceremony happened at a suburban hotel in Mumbai on May 02, 2007. This was a private affair attended by close relatives and friends. 

Karthik’s teammates from the Indian team getting failed to attend the event as they were busy at the conditioning camp which was being held at Kolkata at the time before the upcoming tour of Bangladesh. A few days after his marriage, Karthik also joined the camp on its final day. The two remained married for seven years, during this time she made several appearances by his side. However, the couple quietly got divorced in 2012. Even though they did not have any children, she reportedly was pregnant at the time of the divorce. 

Nikita Vijay and Murali Vijay tied the knot: 

After the divorce, Nikita Vijay again tied the knot with Murali Vijay, Karthik’s teammate. He was from the Tamil Nadu state team and another national cricket player. According to the sources they first met during the 2012 IPL tournament while both the players represented different teams and played against each other. The two had a quick marriage the same year she got divorced from her first husband, who was also Vijay’s friend.

di7 Magnificent Dinesh Karthik Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Controversies, Family, and More in 2024

The next year, she gave birth to her first child, a boy named Nirav. A couple of years later, they welcomed a daughter named Iva. Recently in October 2017, she gave birth to her third child. A boy, who was introduced to the world by his older brother Nirav via an Instagram post by their father Vijay. 

Nikita Vijay Biography 
Name Nikita Vijay 
Real Name Nikita Vanjara 
Date Of Birth Dec 6, 1984 
Born In Manor, Palghar District, Maharastra 
Age 39 Years 
Spouse/Ex Murali Vijay (M. 2012), Dinesh Karthik (M. 2007–2012) 
Children Iva (Daughter), Naveen (Son), Nirav (Boy) 
Profession Homemaker 
Nationality Indian 
Height -In Feet Inches – 5 feet 4 inches (approx) -In Meters – 1.63 m -In Centimeters – 163 cm 
Weight 60 Kilograms, 132 lbs 
Eye Colour Black 
Hair Colour Black 
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius 
Father Name Deepak Vanjara 
Brothers Kunal Vanjara 
Educational Qualifications B.Com 
Favorite Food Chocolates 
Favorite Colour White 
Favorite Actor Salman Khan 
Favorite Cricketer MS Dhoni 
Favorite Hobbies Traveling, Shopping 

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  1. What is Dipika Pallikal’s nickname? 

    Dipika Pallikal’s nickname is Dipsy which was given to her by her family and friends. 

  2. What is Dipika Pallikal’s favorite shot? 

    Dipika Pallikal’s favorite shot is the volley drop which she plays with precision and finesse. 


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