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Dell’s Mega Leak Unveils Next-Gen Laptop CPUs: Intel Panther Lake, Nova Lake, and 2nd & 3rd Gen Snapdragon X Chips

A major leak has been discovered regarding Dell’s future laptop models equipped with Intel’s Panther Lake and Nova Lake chips as well as future Snapdragon X chips. The Leakiest published a document leaked on Twitter that purports to reveal Dell’s all next-gen XPS product imminent period as possible.


More About Dell Next-Gen Laptop CPUs

It reveals various CPUs from Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD due in the coming months or years. The leaked roadmap also reveals potential product release schedules for Dell’s XPS lineup:

  • Lunar Lake-MX “Core Ultra 200V” – September 2024
  • Arrow Lake-H/U/P “Core Ultra 200” – January 2025
  • Qualcomm Oryon “Snapdragon X V2” – July 2025
  • Panther Lake-H/U/P “Core Ultra 300” – October 2025
  • Nova Lake-H/U/P “Core Ultra 400” – October 2026
  • AMD Next-Gen XPS “Ryzen AI HX” – January 2027
  • Qualcomm Oryon “Snapdragon X V3” – October 2027

The Intel section is less dense, with the known next-gen Arrow Lake-U, Arrow Lake-P, and Arrow Lake-H chips ‘ availability schedule provided in the document. The initial launch is expected for Lunar Lake-MX for thin and light designs, which will carry the “Core Ultra 200V” banner. The CPU will pack 8 cores, a Battlemage “Arc Xe2-LPG” GPU, up to 32GB LPDDR5X memory, and an NPU that produces 100+ AI TOPs.

image 1 275 jpg Dell's Mega Leak Unveils Next-Gen Laptop CPUs: Intel Panther Lake, Nova Lake, and 2nd & 3rd Gen Snapdragon X Chips

Dell expects initial designs to be ready by late 2024, with Arrow Lake-U/P/H CPUs arriving in stores in early 2025, likely paired with NVIDIA Blackwell Gaming. Arrow Lake will come in various core counts and incorporate Alchemist and Alchemist+ Xe-LPG(+) iGPUs.

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Based on the timeline, Intel will launch Panther Lake in H1 2026 and Nova Lake in 2027. Qualcomm Snapdragon X platforms debut mid-2025, and 2nd, and 3rd-Gen Oryon-powered CPUs will likely come in late 2025 and late 2027. Moreover, the leaked Dell roadmap also hints at the release of an AMD-powered XPS 16 in 2027, which means the firm will reintegrate AMD CPUs into the XPS lineups after over a decade.

image 1 274 jpg Dell's Mega Leak Unveils Next-Gen Laptop CPUs: Intel Panther Lake, Nova Lake, and 2nd & 3rd Gen Snapdragon X Chips

While the information reveals Dell’s highly expected future, the product roadmap can change due to Intel’s, AMD’s, and Qualcomm’s continually changing product strategies. However, it sets the stage for the year’s major tech advancements by a significant player in the industry.



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