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Dani Alves could face further punishment after 15-minute security camera footage emerges

Further evidence in Dani Alves‘ sexual assault case has emerged in the form of security camera footage from the private bathroom of a nightclub. The former Pumas right-back has been accused of rape by a 23-year-old in Barcelona and he is currently serving time in prison since Friday. 

According to the complainant, Alves forced the girl to “sit on top of him, threw her to the floor, forced her to perform fellatio on him, which she actively resisted, slapped her, lifted her off the floor and penetrated her until he ejaculated,” according to quotes carried by Marca. 

Dani Alves could be handed formal punishment after security camera footage emerges 

The defender first said that he did not know the girl, and then said that he might have seen her but nothing hapoened. Later, he said that she threw herself onto him. He also said that he was in the club for a very short amount of time, and that nothing happened in there. 


The victim has denied any offers for compensation by the player, and her demands are that he must serve time in prison. 

Dani Alves’ former teammate, Xavi Hernandez, commented on the issue and later clarified his statement on the matter after receiving some criticism for his words: 

“It’s difficult to comment on a situation like this. I am surprised and shocked. I am in a state of shock. Justice will rule whatever it is, we can’t go in. I feel very bad for him. I’m shocked,” Xavi said in the first instance.

“I would like to clarify what I said yesterday about Alves. I was misunderstood and I wasn’t forceful and I think it’s important that I explain myself,” Xavi explained in his post-match press conference.

“It’s a very sensitive and important issue. We have to condemn all these acts, whoever does it. I apologize to the victim and to the victims of sexual violence.

“I am surprised that Dani could have done any of these things. I understand the criticism and I apologize.”

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