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Creed III: Michael B. Jordan’s Incredible Fighting Sequence is Going to Be Incredible 

Michael B. Jorda has come with a new directorial debut along with long dormant titled, ‘Creed III’. The action film will give you a new and fresh breath. The film has become the winner of the best picture of  1977 with its numerous sequels. This is really skeptical about Rocky Balboa arriving with the torch to a newer. He is a younger boxing champion. The fears ultimately proved to be unfounded as Creed not only lived up to the legacy of the franchise but also arguably even surpasses it.

Creed is definitely a masterful reboot that further develops previous characters in a meaningful way. The film has also been introduced with a new iconic name to the franchise with Adonis Creed as Michael B. Jordan, the new hero of the franchise and the son of Rocky’s former rival and close friend, Apollo Creed . 

Creed III

In the first Creed film, directed by Ryan Coogler, Adonis put a promising career aside to pursue his passion for professional boxing but wanted to do so without standing in his father’s shadow. He seeks out Rocky Balboa, who trains Adonis to not only become a formidable fighter, but also a better human being.

Creed II, directed by Steven Caple Jr.  It has been proved that the first film wasn’t a fluke, crafting a compelling narrative of Adonis becoming a husband and father while also reintroducing the character of Ivan Drago and his son Viktor Drago as fleshed-out antagonists. 

cr2 Creed III: Michael B. Jordan’s Incredible Fighting Sequence is Going to Be Incredible 

With Sylvester Stallone officially retiring from the role of Rocky Balboa, it seemed that Creed II would have been the end of the Rocky saga. Yet, not long after Creed II’s release, a third film was announced to be in development. This time, not only will Michael B. Jordan return to play the title character and produce the film, but he’ll also be taking the director’s chair for the first time.

With Ryan Coogler still involved as executive producer and Jordan ready to show the world how he can direct a movie, Creed III  is shaping up to be a worthy conclusion to the trilogy. Before Creed III arrives this year, here is everything we know so far about the next chapter in Adonis’s story. 

Creed III: Trailer 

The story of Creed III follows  Damien, an old friend of Adonis’ who has recently been released from prison and plans to take on his brother-figure, who he believes left him behind for a better life. As expected, Stallone’s Rocky Balboa is absent from the trailer, planting the franchise squarely on the shoulders of Adonis Creed. 

cr3 Creed III: Michael B. Jordan’s Incredible Fighting Sequence is Going to Be Incredible 

Additionally, we also recently got a behind-the-scenes featurette that shows a bit more footage, paired with an emotional interview with Michael B. Jordan where he discusses the legacy of this character, being able to step behind the camera as a director, and how Creed III will be the first sports film in IMAX. 

Creed III: Release Date 

The power pack boxing film is set to hit on 3rd March 2023. 

Here is the trailer: 

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