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Cool Casino & Gaming Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Gaming trends are constantly changing and advanced technology is reshaping the way we enjoy entertainment on an almost daily basis. If you are trying to keep up with the freshest releases in the gaming and gambling industry, here is a sneak peek into the technologies you should expect to see more of in 2022 and beyond.

More Artificial Intelligence On The Horizon

Artificial Intelligence is already an important piece of this spectacular puzzle represented by the global gaming industry. With all of AI components and algorithms improving at a rapid pace, we can expect to see more of it in the near future. The team at Big Time Gaming, a world-renowned casino software developer, has partnered up with Future Anthem’s Anthemetrics to implement their very own AI system. Big Time Gaming is preferred by casinos and players in Australia. Why did they choose to implement their own AI?

  • AI allows players to enjoy a more streamlined and satisfying customer support experience with the help of chatbots that imitate human interactions in a natural manner while providing quicker solutions and responses to various queries.
  • AI-based bots have started to be used by online casinos in the roles of dealing cards, spinning roulette wheels, throwing dice, and facilitating casino games in general. This means they can successfully replace in person dealers and significantly cut some of the fixed costs associated with running an online casino.
  • Robot dealers also usually do a fantastic job catering to the needs of their clientele. Though there will always be some that will argue authentic human interaction cannot truly be replaced by a chatbot, no matter how advanced. The fresh improvements brought to the AI technology in 2022 might change some minds, as AI will keep track of players’ gaming habits online and use that data to offer more suitable products and services based on players’ preferences. As a result, new and better games, as well as casino products and services, will be developed and offered to the wide public.

Virtual And Augmented Reality Will Peak In 2022

These are the predictions concerning these two incredible advanced technologies for the upcoming year. There’s no surprise there, as they have both been peaking in popularity since around 2015 when the first compatible gadgets started becoming available to a wider audience.

The two technologies do an excellent job at immersing a player’s full field of vision into a mind-blowingly realistic artificial reality where all the gaming will take place. If you are familiar with pokie games like Space Lights, Art of the Heist, Gonzo’s Quest, or Necromancer, you are probably already familiar with the notion of Virtual or Augmented reality gambling.

AR has become a huge hit in video gaming and the social media industries as soon after Pokémon Go reached the public in 2016. More online gambling platforms and gaming studios have started to adapt to the trend and they are all working on how to help players further exploit the technology. AR will let gamers summon a roulette table on any surface inside their home, freely explore the spectacular streets of Sin City or Sydney on their bedroom floor, and get lost in endless hours of unparalleled gameplay.

The good news is that you can already find a plethora of Augmented and Virtual reality gadgets that will allow you to engage in your favorite gameplay in using this technology. If your current devices aren’t yet compatible, don’t worry. The future of these two technologies will only make the devices cheaper as we enter 2022.r 

Expect More Live Gaming Experiences

Live dealer gaming is also expected to go up in 2022 as it offers the closest replica of the type of gambling taking place in real-life gaming facilities. It offers a unique compromise for players who do not wish to compromise the convenience of wagering from the comfort of their own homes. These venues will stream live gaming sessions from land locations hosted by human dealers, along with all the cards, chips, dice, tables, and the rest of the elements found in these places.

Cloud and mobile gaming technologies are also prone to keep growing and gaining more popularity next year, so if you enjoy taking your gaming on the go, keep an eye on the fresh 2022 mobile technologies.


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