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Chinese display maker BOE produces QLED panel with 500PPI density & 114% NTSC colour gamut

There has been an evolution in the display industry with the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony but the panel makers deserve a lot of credit. We have seen a shift from LCD to LED, OLED to QLED and the increase in resolutions as well.

Now the Chinese display maker BOE has made an impressive advancement in terms of display panels. The company has stated the fact that they have achieved a breakthrough in QLED technology.

Chinese display maker BOE produces QLED panel with 500PPI density & 114% NTSC colour gamut

It says that it has managed to produce a QLED panel with a pixel density of 500PPI and accuracy as high as 114% NTSC colour gamut. QLED or Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode is the future in terms of the display as it supports higher resolution and better colour accuracy, however, they are expensive as well.

LG and Samsung are pouncing on this tech and are making amazing TVs with up to 8K resolution. In the meantime, firms like BOE are also investing in this tech and seems they are quite successful as well.

Making QLED panels at such high pixel density and colour accuracy is indeed a commendable job. Even though being inferior to Samsung or LG displays previously BOE is doing a good job by winning over Apple who will be using their displays on the upcoming iPhone 12 series.


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