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Implications of China’s Covid-19 lockdowns are being felt across the Globe

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in China Adidas footwear and Bang & Olufsen speakers are in short supply. From Toyota to Tesla, automakers are dealing with “unprecedented” prices and production challenges. Sony is having difficulty producing enough PlayStations.

While “supply-chain disruption” is once again the most frequently used word during earnings season, the impact extends beyond multinational profits. Hospitals from the United States to Australia are dealing with a scarcity of X-ray chemicals, while construction projects are being held up by delayed materials.

The supply of faucets from Shanghai has been delayed for months, according to Jake Phipps, whose US firm supplies luxury bathroom fixtures and kitchen countertops to tower projects. “All of the construction projects here are behind schedule due to a lack of raw materials,” he explained. “The supply chain was already a disaster, and this is exacerbating it.”

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The Chinese government’s zero-tolerance policy toward Covid has caused factories and warehouses to close, hindered truck deliveries, and aggravated container backlogs. Because the country accounts for approximately 12% of global trade, the turbulence was only a matter of time before it spread to other economies, threatening to exacerbate increasing prices.

While the impact appears to be minor so far, it is most likely merely the beginning. The full impact of China’s Covid-19 limitations is still unknown, as lockdowns in Shanghai and other cities remain in place to prevent lesser outbreaks, adding to supply-chain bottlenecks already strained by the Ukraine conflict.

Here’s exactly how bad the situation is with China being under Covid-19 Lockdown

Phipps, the founder of Phipps International, is becoming increasingly upset as his faucet shipments have been delayed by two to three months, with no indication of when they would be able to leave Shanghai. Suppliers kept telling him “five more days,” which has now turned into 40.

After more than a month of inaction, one facility that makes the molds for the faucets was able to reopen last week. However, once the faucets are built, they must be sent to other facilities to be chrome-plated and polished, and some of those factories are still closed.

As supplies of Chinese material used to produce everything from sneakers to jeans run out, Vietnamese clothing and shoe factories are straining to keep up with demand.

According to the American Apparel & Footwear Association, which represents over 1,000 firms, the Southeast Asian nation is the second-largest supplier of clothing and shoes to the United States.  According to Phan Thi Thanh Xuan, vice-chairperson of the Vietnam Leather Footwear and Handbag Association, China’s Covid Zero plan is “dramatically” lowering crucial materials at shoe companies, which rely on China for roughly 60% of their supplies. Adidas SE slashed its profit forecasts this month, blaming supply delays in Vietnam for reducing product availability and lowering sales.

Component shortages are affecting businesses across the board in the eastern Chinese region near Shanghai, which is a crucial center for electronics production. Companies ranging from Microsoft to Texas Instruments have stated that the lockdowns will hurt sales and make it more difficult to build products like the Xbox. Apple Inc. stated last month that the supply shortages will hurt its June earnings, costing the company $4 billion to $8 billion in revenue.

Pegatron Corp., a major iPhone supplier, lowered its second-quarter notebook volume forecast this week. China’s largest chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., estimated the lockdowns might wipe out approximately 5% of its output in the most recent quarter.

The Covid-19 restrictions in Shanghai are also affecting health care, as the lockdowns have caused a global shortage of chemicals used in imaging examinations

The Greater New York Hospital Association reported earlier this month that there are shortages of Omnipaque, an iodinated contrast medium made at a GE Healthcare factory in Shanghai. X-rays, radiography, and CT scans all use the chemical agent. Even though the factory has resumed production, the hospital organization cautioned that supplies could be cut by up to 80% for the next two months.

Several carmakers, including Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp., have begun to reopen operations in Shanghai and the industrial region of Jilin, despite ongoing logistics challenges. Tesla Inc.’s Shanghai plant has been beset by problems, shutting down for three weeks last month. It reopened in late April under a “closed-loop” arrangement in which staff live on-site and are periodically tested. However, with Shanghai mostly still under lockdown, delivering supplies and equipment remains an issue. Last month, the manufacturer, which regularly transported roughly 60,000 cars per month, only sent 1,512 automobiles from Shanghai.

IHS Markit cut its projection for global auto output in 2022 in March to account for the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, then cut it again last month in response to the aftermath of China’s lockdowns, as well as other growing concerns.

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