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Champions League 2022/23: European Super League founders drop out – What can we learn from it?

Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona have all dropped out of the Champions League this season. The three clubs, along with Real Madrid, were trying to break away from the competition in order to play in the European Super League. 

Real Madrid, on the other hand, have sealed qualification to the last 16 of the Champions League. They, too, had a difficult week when they were handed their first defeat this season to RB Leipzig. 

Champions League 22/23: What can we learn from the group stage?

One of the main reasons behind the formation of the European Super League was a more competitive league than the Champions League. However, the founding members of the team have found it hard to overcome the ‘weaker’ or less well-known teams as of late. 

Their financial problems have also been on full display, with Barcelona and Juventus having to deal with a significant amount of debt. 

The European Super League recently appointed a CEO and an organising company. But with results such as ones we have had this season, it really makes us question the validity of the premise of the competition. 

The surprises that ‘lesser’ teams in the Champions League have come up with is one of the best parts about football. So, the competitive edge that these teams believe they had has been seriously damaged and it really makes us question the future of football and whether the dominant teams will be overcome by underdogs in a competition like the European Super League. 

Arsh Das
Arsh Das
A music enthusiast, also passionate about football and bringing you the latest in the sporting world every day.


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