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CES 2021 Showcase: Voice Life introduces Life-Line Power Connect with NVDLA

Voice Life Inc., a technology company based upon a terahertz-based scalable network designed for Far-field wireless charging, announced the launch of the Life-Line Power Connect platform on Friday at the CES 2021 Showcase. It is the next advancement in the capability to charge, maintain the use and availability of smartphones, mobile devices, wearable electronics, sensors, medical devices, IoT, drone devices, and customizable electric industrial vehicles.  The platform uses NVDLA (NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Accelerator) technology to enable quick network discovery, authentication, and to facilitate wireless energy reception.

Voice Life is collaborating with VergePAY to create a wireless charging protocol within a “smart contract” model where software neurons and connections in billions and trillions are trained in parallel.  This protocol, in combination with Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms, works at 99 percent accuracy on a single neural network framework that can classify and locate exactly the different types of mobile devices with lightning-quick speed. It also powers sensors and IoT device assets correctly and smoothly in real-time for both indoor and outdoor environments.

This blockchain registration process recognizes the type of device, computes the distance from the transmitter to the receiver, and points out mobile receiver battery needs prior to activating the wireless power charge. Adding Verge Currency technologies and NVDLA technology increases “the scalability to include a global database of over 3,000 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, over 93 million cellular towers, and over 2.3 billion Wi-Fi hotspots for network positioning and object detection for the provisioning of wireless power.”

“Incorporating NVIDIA’s open-source solution, which utilizes AI and deep learning on a proven hardware architecture, combined with the Voice Life patented and Verge Currency open-source technologies with our Life-Line Power Connect platform, is critical to one day power and manage the security of potentially trillions of IoT devices,” said Robert Smith, CEO/President of Voice Life, according a CES Press Release.

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