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UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin clears his say on Saudi Arabian League and European Competitions

In the ever-evolving world of football, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin recently addressed some of the pressing issues in the sport. He specifically discussed the emerging Saudi Arabian league and clarified UEFA’s stance on European competitions.

Aleksander Ceferin Image via Wikipedia UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin clears his say on Saudi Arabian League and European Competitions
Aleksander Čeferin, Image via Wikipedia

Aleksander Ceferin, the President of UEFA, is a figurehead in the world of European football, known for his steadfast commitment to preserving the integrity of UEFA’s competitions. With a clear and unwavering stance on key issues, Ceferin has voiced his opinions on matters such as the Saudi Arabian league and the potential for Champions League finals outside of Europe. His leadership is characterized by a dedication to upholding UEFA’s existing rules and structure, ensuring that European football continues to thrive under his watch. Ceferin’s influence extends beyond the administrative realm, making him a prominent and respected figure in the global football community.

In this article, we delve into Ceferin’s views, comparing the Saudi Arabian league to past ventures and exploring the future of European competitions.

Saudi Arabia’s Approach: A Familiar Trend

Ceferin kicked off the conversation by drawing parallels between the Saudi Arabian league and the Chinese league, which made headlines a few years ago by attracting notable football stars. He remarked, “It’s not a threat, we saw a similar approach in China, which bought players at the end of their careers by offering them a lot of money.” Ceferin’s observation points towards an interesting trend where leagues with substantial financial backing attempt to lure experienced players with lucrative offers.

The Saudi Pro League Logo
The Saudi Pro League Logo

The Chinese Experience: A Cautionary Tale

The UEFA President didn’t mince words when he discussed the Chinese football experiment. While it initially grabbed attention for its high-profile signings, Chinese football struggled to develop on a global scale and notably failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Ceferin opined, “That’s not the right way to do it. They should work on player and coach development, but that’s not my problem.” This stance underscores the importance of sustainable growth and youth development in football.

Prime Players Unfazed by Saudi Arabia

Addressing concerns about top-tier players potentially joining the Saudi Arabian league, Ceferin stated, “There are players at the end of their careers and others who aren’t ambitious enough to aspire to the ‘top’ competitions.” He further emphasized, “As far as I know, [Kylian] Mbappe and [Erling] Haaland don’t dream of Saudi Arabia.” These comments reflect the belief that the best players in their prime continue to aim for Europe’s top competitions.

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Saudi Arabia: Not a Threat to UEFA

Ceferin made it clear that, in his view, Saudi Arabia doesn’t pose a direct threat to UEFA’s tournaments. He noted, “This mainly interests the media, but not so much the European football community.” While the Saudi Arabian league generates buzz, Ceferin remains confident in the resilience and appeal of UEFA competitions.

UEFA Champions League Image via Twitter 1 UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin clears his say on Saudi Arabian League and European Competitions
UEFA Champions League, Image via Twitter

European Dominance: Champions League and Europa League

Ceferin addressed recent rumors of Saudi Arabian clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League. He firmly denied this speculation, asserting, “Only European clubs can participate in the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League.” This resolute statement reaffirms UEFA’s commitment to preserving the integrity of its competitions.

No U.S.-Based Champions League Final

Finally, when questioned about the possibility of a Champions League final taking place in the United States, Ceferin clarified UEFA’s stance. He stated, “Only European federations can apply [to host] a final, not even clubs.” This position highlights UEFA’s dedication to upholding its existing regulations and structure.

UEFA Champions League Image via Wikipedia 1 UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin clears his say on Saudi Arabian League and European Competitions
UEFA Champions League, Image via Wikipedia

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Conclusion: Ceferin’s Stance on Saudi Arabian League and UEFA Competitions

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin’s recent statements shed light on the football landscape. While acknowledging the emergence of the Saudi Arabian league, he draws important comparisons to the Chinese experiment and emphasizes the significance of player development. Ceferin remains confident that Europe’s top competitions, including the Champions League and Europa League, will continue to thrive without the participation of non-European clubs. His unwavering commitment to UEFA’s principles highlights the organization’s dedication to maintaining the integrity and tradition of European football.


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