Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Category: Youtube

YouTube is silently testing the 5 Un-skippable Ads feature at the starting of videos

The video-sharing social media platform, YouTube, which is wholly owned by Google, has recently silently implemented a new ad format starting this September 2022. YouTube free viewers will now see up to 5...

YouTube was forced to create its video chip due to the ending of Moore’s law

About seven years ago, Partha Ranganathan realized Moore's law was no longer valid. The Google engineering VP could no longer count on chip performance to double roughly every 18 months without significant...

YouTube Music Redesigns Its Playlist UI for Tablets

The updated playlist experience for YouTube Music was one of the Android apps Google claimed will get tablet optimizations at I/O 2022, and it's now live. YouTube Music UI Redesign Update 6/7: For some...

YouTube’s most Replayed feature marks out the most popular parts of videos

YouTube's Most Replayed feature is awesome. It has a brand new feature that has registered to assist people to find the most popular parts of the video they are watching. This feature is...

Times Music’s exclusive partner Speed Records emerges as the first Punjabi music label to hit 40 Million subscribers on YouTube

Times Music and Speed Records' association has been very successful and this recent milestone of Speed Records emerging as the first Punjabi Music label to cross 40 Million subscribers on YouTube showcases...

This 1 YouTuber steals money using crypto fraud and how this is increasing over days. Continue reading till end for details.

Cryptocurrency has a unique silver lining that the throngs of crypto enthusiasts who sign up for this frantic rollercoaster ride are quick to notice. Despite the ups and downs, as well as...

YouTube Creators got this weird “ONE WORLD CRYPTOCURRENCY” hack. Covered this big news in 3 points below.

Morning January 24, 2022, big youtube channels got hacked and a mystery video titled "One World Cryptocurrency" was posted across a number of major crypto/finance YouTube channels. The video appears to be...

Excited about the new YouTube Premium annual plans? Go through this detailed report

Annual plans have been added to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, allowing customers to pay for a 12-month non-recurring subscription up front. Years ago, YouTube offered monthly and quarterly premium subscription...

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