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“Campus Diaries”: Ritvik Sahore and Harsh Beniwal come with a college drama series that is different from the regular show

The trailer of the college drama show Campus Diaries has been released. It is true that the days that we have spent in college inadvertently become the ones that are truly responsible to provide a shape and also the most and we have just been ended up cherishing those memories along with our lives.

It will depict all the small parts like the fresher’s parties to the relationship dramas, and it will also sassing the entire professors and also have the bunking class for the college politics and also about the canteen wars, and there is also every student who has remembered all of their college days differently.

Campus Diaries Teaser – Latest News Information updated on December 18,  2021 | Articles & Updates on Campus Diaries Teaser | Photos & Videos |  LatestLY

It shows that the last 2 years also have been surreal, and there are so many students who have already missed out on a lot of things that we have already taken for granted. It has revealed the excitement of such a new experience with a new term, new faces, new friendships, and also the first college social, and all came down just on our screen.

We have now just come back to the life we have known as normal with the colleges and at last, the door will be open once again in the new year and students are waiting very eagerly to gear up their campus life, MX Player also has brought it to the viewer’s Campus Diaries that is a coming of age drama based on the five students at Excel University.

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Campus Diaries Series Full Episodes: Watch Online – Filmy One

This college drama show is something different from regular college dramas it is beyond the routine of Masti and Dosti plots that are mainly quintessential youth dramas that have been portrayed and also will tackle such of the relevant yet lesser that have been discussed like ragging, discrimination, and also based on the societal biases, one side love stories, rampant drug and it is also abusing and toxic relationships and it would mould the personality and also has been prepared you to face the real world.

Campus Diaries: Cast

This series is featuring Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, Saloni Gaur, Salonie Patel, Abhinav Sharma, and Srishti Ganguli Rindani among the others and it also has been created by Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav.

Campus Dairies trailer: Relive the days of college with this MX Player  series

Campus Diaries: Release Date

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It has been confirmed that all of the episodes will reveal on 7th January exclusively on MX Player.

Here is the trailer:

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