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BTS’s Awaited Comeback: A New Album in 2025 to Celebrate 10 Years of ‘HYYH’

BTS, the global phenomenon that has taken the music industry by storm, is gearing up for a monumental celebration in 2025. The group’s journey through the ‘HYYH: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ series, which began in 2015, holds profound significance for both the members and their legions of fans. This upcoming 10-year anniversary album promises to be a musical spectacle like no other, as it marks the group’s return from military service and reunites all original members and producers from the influential HYYH series. Let’s find out all the details of this highly anticipated project, its historical importance, and what fans can expect from BTS in the years leading up to 2025.

The HYYH Series: A Reflection of Growth

The ‘HYYH: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ album series served as a transformative chapter in BTS’s career. Comprising three parts, the series allowed BTS to showcase their growth as artists, reflecting their personal experiences, struggles, and the lives they were living at the time. It became a vital stepping stone that catapulted the group into global stardom, solidifying their status as a global sensation.

  • Part 1: Released in April 2015, this part featured nine tracks that began painting the vivid musical canvas of the HYYH narrative.
  • Part 2: In November 2015, part two continued the story with eight emotionally charged songs, further connecting with fans worldwide.
  • ‘Young Forever’: May 2016 saw the release of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever,’ a compilation album comprising songs from the previous releases, new singles, and remixes. This album was a reflection of the journey and growth BTS had experienced.

BTS’s Rise to Global Stardom

The HYYH series played a pivotal role in BTS’s journey to global stardom. The music, lyrics, and themes resonated deeply with fans, not just in South Korea but around the world. Each album in the series explored the members’ personal experiences, fears, dreams, and emotions, forging a strong emotional connection with their audience. It was this authenticity and relatability that allowed BTS to break down cultural and linguistic barriers and create a global fanbase known as the ARMY.

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Bang Si-hyuk’s Promise

One of the most remarkable aspects of this upcoming 10-year anniversary project is that it fulfills a promise made years ago. Bang Si-hyuk, also known as Bang PD, revealed that when BTS and BigHit (now HYBE) were still young and working together, they made a commitment to release a 10-year anniversary album and project for the HYYH series. This promise was a testament to their dedication to their art and their fans.

The Impact of Renewed Contracts

Bang PD further emphasized the significance of BTS renewing their contracts with HYBE. Had they chosen not to renew, the 10th-anniversary album might still have been possible, but without his participation. The renewal of contracts allows all those originally involved in the series to reassemble and fulfill the promise they made to their fans.

The Countdown to 2025

As of now, some BTS members have already started their mandatory military service, including Jin, J-Hope, and Suga. RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are yet to enlist. The plan is for them to regroup in 2025, bringing the full group back together for this milestone album and project. It’s a moment fans are eagerly awaiting, as it signifies not only the culmination of a decade of incredible music but also the continuation of BTS’s legacy.

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Individual Projects and Excitement

While fans wait for 2025 to arrive, they have plenty to look forward to from BTS members individually. Jungkook is set to release his debut solo album, “Golden,” on November 3, 2023, followed by a solo concert later that month. Jimin’s solo documentary film, “Jimin’s Production Diary,” is slated for release on Weverse on October 23, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his debut solo album, “Face.” V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently released his solo album, “Layover,” adding to the excitement. RM has been actively participating in various projects and exploring his creative interests.

BTS’s journey through the ‘HYYH: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ series has left an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of fans worldwide. As they prepare to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this iconic series in 2025, the anticipation is building to see what musical masterpiece they will create. This project not only fulfills a promise made in the early days of their career but also signifies the group’s enduring commitment to their art and their fans. Until then, fans can enjoy the individual projects and creative endeavors of the BTS members, making the wait for 2025 all the more exciting.


  1. What is the title of Jungkook’s upcoming solo album, and when is it releasing?

    Jungkook’s upcoming solo album is titled “Golden,” and it is set to release on November 3, 2023.


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