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BTS V and Suga Reunite on Suchwita: A Sneak Peek into Their Exciting Episode

BTS V and Suga Reunite on Suchwita: A Sneak Peek into Their Exciting Episode, all details are disclosed in this article. On September 11 at 10 PM KST, the latest episode of Suga’s show will be broadcast. BTS V is a guest there. BTS V and Suga, who are both members of BTS, will reunite in a future episode of Suga’s drinking game show Suchwita. BTS V discussed a wide range of topics in his latest promo on Monday, from his upcoming album Layover to the BTS reunion in 2025. He was also spotted twirling Suga around while carrying him on his back and enjoying himself. Read more about how BTS V revealed that he shot Layover at Jungkook’s home.

Kim Taehyung

BTS V and Suga Reunited on Suchwita

The whole face of BTS V was not shown in the teaser. The host Suga hails V as the “most handsome face in the world” and mentions his Guinness World Record for gaining the most social media followers in the shortest amount of time when he joined Instagram. V greets with a simple “Hello. We’re BTS.”

While the two discuss the atmosphere at Layover, BTS V shares something with them about which he has not previously spoken. As he prepares to make his solo debut, he also spoke about finding oneself. The two also discussed their time spent in Paris. BTS V reveals something with them that he hasn’t previously mentioned while the two talk about the vibe at Layover. He also talked about finding oneself as he gets ready to make his solo debut. The two also talked about their experience in Paris.

image 164 BTS V and Suga Reunite on Suchwita: A Sneak Peek into Their Exciting Episode

The Bon Voyage staff are mentioned during the meeting, and V indicates that the future event will be someplace in Northern Europe. On X (previously known as Twitter), fans shared their excitement for the episode by expressing how much fun they think it will be, sharing memories of Bon Voyage, and praising BTS for the teaser.

The back-to-back promotion of Kim Taehyung’s upcoming album Layover is keeping him busy. The short album, which includes six tracks, will serve as his solo debut. He recently disclosed that he shot the album at Jungkook’s residence. Actually, it was Jungkook who heard his songs first.

image 165 BTS V and Suga Reunite on Suchwita: A Sneak Peek into Their Exciting Episode

Later, during a live session, Jungkook gave fans an informal evaluation of Layover. The speaker mentioned liking several of Taehyung’s tracks after listening to a handful of them. Prior to the release of his upcoming album on September 8, they acknowledged acquaintance with his work. Just a few days after the album’s release, on September 11 at 10 PM KST, a brand-new episode of “Suchwita” is set to premiere.

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