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BMW i3 EV Catches fire in China during a test drive

Most EV drivers these days are not very concerned about the possible fire threat in accidents involving electric cars, despite the huge amount of energy that is stored in their high-density batteries. A recent video depicting a BMW i3 shows that minor fires can still happen in some rare instances, even though current electric cars are fitted with several advanced safety features.

When a customer and an employee of a BMW dealership took the electric BMW 3 Series for a test drive close to the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, the vehicle’s back caught fire. At this time, the electric BMW 3 Series is only available in China. The location and very tiny size of the fire raise the possibility that the BMW i3’s faulty electric motor was to blame.

BMW i3 elektro elektrisch 3er BMW i3 EV Catches fire in China during a test drive

The 11-minute YouTube video also demonstrates how slowly the flames spread and how the passengers of the electric BMW 3 Series had plenty of time to flee before the smoke started to fill the air.

Around 1,600 customers are believed to have acquired the new electric car since its initial units of the BMW i3 were delivered in June. The electric BMW 3 Series differs significantly from the now-discontinued subcompact EV hatchback known as the “BMW i3” thanks to its 70 kWh battery and peak output of 282 horsepower. The German automaker will undoubtedly look into this terrifying fire occurrence to increase the dependability of the electric BMW 3 Series, which is anticipated to take some market share from the well-liked Tesla Model 3.

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