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Black Samurai: John Wick takes the Director seat for the Action-Packed Film 

While the topic is expanding the action film catalogue, Netflix has collaborated with John Wick director Chad Stahelski for making a live-action adaptation of Marc Olden’s Black Samurai books. You know while John Wick’s talent and Samurai sound team up we got an indication of the blast. 

Netflix’s Black samurai will be directed by Chad Stahelski who has helmed the acclaimed John Wick film featuring Keanu Reeves Currently, Stahelski directed Netflix’s Day Shift film that’s featuring Jamie Foxx. 

The script has been penned by Leigh Dana Jackson whose credits contain Netflix’s Raising Dion and Foundation. 


In 2017 Starz was making a Black Samurai TV series with those commonly tapped to make and start in it. The project never visits anywhere, and after a time, it was passed on to Netflix. Stahelski is set to produce with Jason Spitz and Alex Young for 87Eleven Entertainment and John Schoenfelder and Russell Ackerman for those Addictive Pictures. 

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Diane Crawford is set to exec produce along with Liza Fleissig and Andre gains of Cinemation about Netflix’s Black Samurai. 

Black Samurai: Plot 

According to Netflix, Black Samurai is a live-action adaptation of Marc Olden’s show of novels of the same name. The first movie seems to be adapted from the first book but there are eight in total. 

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On leaving Tokyo, American GY Robert Sand is shot trying to protect an old man from a quarter of drunk American soldiers. As Sand passes out, the old man springs on his tormenters, beating them to be senseless with frail, wrinkled fists. He is Master Konuma, the keeper of those ancient secrets of the samurai. Now Sand is based on becoming his latest pupil. For seven years, the American learns martial arts, swordplay, and stealth, become not just the first black man to ever take the oath of the samurai, but the strongest fighter Konnuma has ever trained. 

On one night, two dozen terrorists ambush the dojo, slaughtering Konuma and his students as the first step in a terrifying assault on world peace. Though he is unable to Dave his sensei, Sand escapes with his life and a gnawing hunger for vengeance. All have his sword, but he needs more of it. 

samu4 Black Samurai: John Wick takes the Director seat for the Action-Packed Film 

Black Samurai: Cast 

According to October 2022, no cast members have been declared for Netflix’s Black Samurai. As the project is in early development, we should hear some news in the upcoming months. 

Black Samurai: Production Status 

Netflix’s Black Samurai is recently in its early development stage, where the team behind the project has penned the script as we speak with pre-production following after. 

Black Samurai: Release Date 

Netflix has not yet declared any such dates for Black Samurai, but considering the very early development stage, we can probably expect the film will hit in late 2023 or 2023 r 

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