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Know About BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series Here: Format, Registration, And More

If you are a BGMI fan, then here is something great for you. ESL has announced the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series tournament. This event will be very grand and will have very tough and exciting matches.

If you are excited to know more about the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series tournament, then you are at the right place. Here we will be discussing some key details about the tournament, including its registration process, game format, and rules. So, let’s dive in.

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BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series Format

ESL India has shared a post on X/Twitter announcing the BGMI Snapdragon Pro series tournament. However, we have no information on when the tournament will begin or end.

What we know is that the tournament will be held as it is announced and registration has started. The prize pool will be Rs 1 crore and will be distributed among the winning team and runner-up teams.

The prize money is very lucrative in itself, let alone the title of being the best champion of the BGMI game in the entire country. The BGMI playing teams are very excited about the tournament and to establish their name in the national and international BGMI community.

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Although we don’t know about the starting date of match schedules, we do know the game format. The tournament is divided into three game formats.

In the first level, which is the Conquest Open, 2048 teams will take part, and the registration is open only for them. Then the top 8 performing teams from the Conquest Open level will go to the second level.

The second level is Challenge Season, which has the top 8 teams from the previous level. Also, there will be 24 teams that are specially invited for the level. These teams don’t have to play in the first level and are selected directly for the Challenge Season.

This level will be played for 12 days, during which a total of 32 teams will compete to go to the third level. The last level is Challenge Finals, which is scheduled for three days. The top teams from the second level compete at this level and fight to win.

Till now, the names of the 24 specially invited teams haven’t been disclosed. However, we can assume that they will be the champion teams of the BGMI.

Tournament Rules

There are some rules specified for registration as below,

  • All players must be over the threshold of 16 years to register and take part in the BGMI Snapdragon pro series
  • All the participants are restrained from changing their in–game names without informing the concerned authorities.
  • All the participants are restrained from choosing any in–game name that is offensive to any other gender, race, country, religion, or individual.
  • All the players are required to play the BGMI on the latest and updated version of the BGMI game.

How To Register

The registration process is very simple and you have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to this link and log in using your email address
  • Then fill the form with your details
  • After you have filed all the required details correctly you can click on the submit button.

And congratulations! you have registered successfully for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro series. Now you have to prepare yourself for the challenging tournament.


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