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BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) 2023: A Year in Review: Top Trends and Player Favourites

As we bid adieu to 2023, KRAFTON India and BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) take a moment to look back at a year filled with adrenaline-pumping battles, landmark moments, and record-shattering achievements. With BGMI’s total downloads crossing the 199 million mark, including over 100 million downloads in 2023 alone, the game has firmly established itself as the top-choice battle royale game in India.

BGMI 2023 Recap: Top Trends and Player Favorites Revealed

Let’s dive into the trends that made BGMI the preferred battlefield for thrilling gaming experiences in 2023:

1. Preferred Drop Locations: The Art of Choosing Your Spot

Every seasoned BGMI player understands the significance of the perfect drop location. It can be the deciding factor in your match, setting you up for victory or defeat. In 2023, players frequently selected School, Sosnovka Military Base, and Hospital as their starting points.

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2. Weapon of the Year & Most Desired Items

The M416, AKM, and UMP45 emerged as the popular weapons of choice, intensifying battles and shaping arsenals. The Combat Knife, Pan, and M416 were the most sought-after items, playing a crucial role in survival during critical stages and contributing to a well-stocked arsenal.

3. Vehicles of Choice

Players added flair to their exploration of BGMI’s expansive world with their vehicle preferences. For traversing challenging terrains, reliable options like Dacia and UAZ were the top choices.

4. Most Played Maps: Players’ Favourite Battlegrounds

In 2023, certain maps saw more action than others, offering players exhilarating team battles and opportunities for strategic gameplay. Team Death Match Warehouse and Ranked Erangel emerged as the standout battle modes, shaping the gaming landscape in BGMI’s dynamic world.

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5. Most Awaited In-Game Event

BGMI continued its tradition of delivering exciting in-game events and collaborations in 2023. The introduction of Ranveer Singh as a playable character and a special crate and event featuring the actor’s voice pack, dance-inspired emotes, themed rewards and more elevated the gaming experience. The Dragon Ball Mode event further entranced players by merging the thrill of BGMI with the iconic Dragon Ball universe.

6. BGMI Player Strongholds

Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore emerged as the major hubs for BGMI enthusiasts, showcasing the game’s widespread popularity and a dedicated player base that contributed to BGMI’s success.

7. Most Engaged Community

In 2023, BGMI saw an overwhelming level of participation across events and contests, solidifying its reputation as one of the most engaged gaming communities to date.

  • BGMI ranked 4th globally as the most searched game according to Google’s Year in Search 2023 survey.
  • The BGMI Ki Boli community easter egg hunt became the contest with the most user-generated content, with over 54,000 videos created by BGMI fans.
  • BGMI’s docu-series trailer: India Ki Heartbeat emerged as the most commented trailer with over 13,500 comments.

As we move into another year, let’s gear up for more thrilling battles, exciting events, and record-breaking achievements in the world of BGMI. Stay tuned!


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