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BGIS 2023: Team SOUL and Team 8BIT Gear Up for India’s Biggest BGMI Tournament

The Indian Esports community is buzzing with excitement as Krafton, Inc. announces the much-anticipated BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES (BGIS) 2023, the country’s biggest official BGMI tournament since the game’s return. With a massive prize pool of INR 2 crore, BGIS 2023 promises to be a thrilling showcase of world-class talent and intense competition in the Battle Royale Esports scene. Reigning champions Team SOUL, along with the formidable Team 8BIT, are among the prominent units gearing up to prove their mettle and claim the throne at the pinnacle of Indian Esports.

Team Soul Playing Together BGIS 2023: Team SOUL and Team 8BIT Gear Up for India's Biggest BGMI Tournament

BGIS 2023: The Grand Return of BGMI Tournament

After a long wait, BGMI enthusiasts are ecstatic as the first official tournament of the year is announced. The last official BGMI event, ‘Battlegrounds Mobile Pro India Series (BMPS) Season 1,’ took place from May to June 2022, culminating in Team SOUL’s triumphant victory. However, shortly after the event, the game faced a government ban, leaving the Esports community eager for its return. BGIS 2023 marks the grand return of BGMI to the competitive scene, offering players and fans an opportunity to witness high-stakes battles and spectacular performances once again.

After a hiatus, BGMI is set to make a triumphant return to the Esports scene with the highly-anticipated BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES (BGIS) 2023. The tournament promises to be the country’s biggest official BGMI event, captivating the gaming community with its massive prize pool of INR 2 crore. As fans eagerly await the action-packed battles, the Esports community is gearing up to witness top-tier talent and competitive spirit on full display.

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Team SOUL: Aiming for Glory

Team SOUL, the reigning BMPS champions, is eager to defend their title and showcase their gaming prowess in BGIS 2023. Star player Harsh Paudwal, known as SOUL GOBLIN, enthuses about the excitement within the gaming community as the official tournament draws near. The team has been training relentlessly to reclaim their throne and is determined to bring their A-game to the tournament.

Harshit Yadav aka 8BIT Beast 1 BGIS 2023: Team SOUL and Team 8BIT Gear Up for India's Biggest BGMI Tournament

Reflecting on their preparations, Harsh mentions, “We have strategized and grinded consistently to stay in shape during the game’s absence. Analyzing our opponents’ strategies from past performances, we are well-prepared for whatever challenges they throw our way.” Team SOUL’s squad, comprising Sohail Shaikh (SOUL Hector), Akshat Goel (SOUL Akshat), Sahil Jakhar (SOUL Omega), and Naman (SOUL Neyo), is ready to set the stage on fire once again.

Team 8BIT: Rising to the Challenge

Joining the battle for supremacy is Team 8BIT, a prominent unit that has already made a mark by winning ‘Ranbhoomi Season 2.’ With players like Harshit Yadav (8BIT Beast), Vishwas Battoo (8BIT Juicy), Dhruv Gaur (8BIT Madman), and Shubh (8BIT Mighty), the team boasts a talented lineup capable of delivering top-notch performances.

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Harshit Yadav, also known as 8BIT BEAST, shares the team’s excitement for the BGIS 2023 tournament. “Having waited for so long, we have been eagerly anticipating the first official tournament of BGMI. Our team is ready to utilize countless hours of practice and bring a fresh approach to dominate the competition. We aim to entertain our fans and deliver world-class performances,” he says.

The India Games Market Report: BGMI’s Unwavering Popularity

BGMI’s popularity in India is undeniable, even in the face of challenges. According to the ‘India Games Market‘ report by Niko Partners, nearly half of all mobile gamers in India had played BGMI in the 12 months before the game’s ban. Remarkably, 59% of players continued to play after the ban, showcasing the game’s enduring appeal among the gaming community.

With BGIS 2023 just around the corner, the excitement in the Indian Esports community is palpable. Team SOUL and Team 8BIT, two formidable units, are all set to battle it out and claim the throne at the pinnacle of Indian Esports. As the gaming enthusiasts brace themselves for a spectacle of skill, strategy, and sheer adrenaline, BGMI’s official tournament promises to leave an indelible mark on the country’s gaming landscape.


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