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Better ‘Cybersecure’ than Sorry

Mr Harsh Bharwani, CEO & Managing Director of Jetking Infotrain tell us about Better ‘Cybersecure’ than Sorry

Cybersecurity is a must for modern internet users. It may be looked at as the automatic lock system in a house. In the same way that a person wouldn’t want to leave the main entrance open for intruders, one should not do the same with one’s computer. Particularly if you’re a company owner, you don’t want any of your critical information to wind up in the hands of malefic persons.

Cybersecurity includes ransomware, malware, and information breaches that may come from online attackers. There is only one remedy to avoid such disruptions; taking precautions from unprecedented cyber crimes. 

Let’s investigate the concept more thoroughly and devise a solution to make the online community safer.

Better ‘Cybersecure’ than Sorry

Why are Phishing Attacks so Common? 

A simple phishing attack aims to trick a user into divulging private or sensitive information. The most common method used to conduct these hacks is email. As per Digital Guardian, 90% of commercial security breaches are triggered by phishing assaults. 

There are lots of reasons behind these mass phishing attacks. Hackers prefer to use the phishing method to acquire what they want. Phishing comes in various forms and is quite easy to perform from the attackers’ side. It also includes low-cost ransomware tools which make it the most preferred way to attack online. 

Why Do People Still Fall Prey to Such a Cybersecurity Breach? 

Despite several awareness attempts from holistic organizations, some companies lack basic cyber security knowledge. They easily take the bait set by the hackers and fall victim several times. The efficacy of phishing and various malware variants, including spear-phishing, corporate email infiltration, etc., has increased in recent years.

Lots of businesses don’t have enough backup processes in place, they don’t identify the people who require extra training, and they lack strong internal control mechanisms to thwart phishing attempts like CEO fraud.

Whatever the attack’s primary objective, phishing relies on con artists deceiving victims into believing they are speaking with someone they know or trust to intimidate them into exposing information or granting access to networks.

Is Cybersecurity Important Only to Professionals or for Laymen as Well, and Why? 

Cyber security is not only important for organizations but also for any common individual. Cyber attackers do not mind taking control of the systems of laymen. Often they target commoners to pass on their confidential information like bank information, and credit cards with some alluring tricks. If you are using the internet for transactions and personal reasons, you need to have tight security to protect your data. 

Cybercriminals are always in the search of important data. So, they often try to breach into the system and manipulate the data. This may make your clients disbelieve your services, even your clients may switch to your competitors. 

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, or computers-whatever you use, must have cyber protection to avoid theft or damage. You can also employ cyber security professionals to stop these attacks and keep your data safe online. Often cybercrime leads to data loss and high expenses to retrieve data. It will be better to take precautions firsthand and prevent any such activities with your devices. 

Integration of AI/ ML and Data Visualization for a Better Cybersecurity Situation 

The attack surface for organizations is immense, growing, and evolving swiftly. Depending on the scale of your organization, processing up to several hundred billion data is required to correctly estimate risk.

In response to this unparalleled problem, artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity tools have been developed to help information security teams lower the risk of breaches and strengthen their defense capabilities.

AI and machine learning have emerged as critical components in information security because they can quickly analyze large numbers of events and identify a wide range of threats. These algorithms mature over time and identify newly developing types of dangers using past data. AI 0can detect and respond to deviations from the norm by using behavioral records to construct profiles for people, resources, and networks.

AI allows cybersecurity teams to form powerful collaborations between humans and machines. Advanced cybersecurity is more effective at creating an all-encompassing security framework and enhancing our well-being on the internet.

In cyber security, AI is used to swiftly examine millions of events and detect a wide range of threats, from malware that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities to detecting dangerous behavior that might lead to a phishing attack or the download of malicious code. This technology is a self-learning system that collects data from all of your company’s information systems automatically. This data is then analyzed and utilized to uncover new sorts of attacks by correlating trends across various signals related to the corporate threat landscape.

Boost Your Cyber Security 

To enjoy a seamless online experience, you need to heighten cyber security. Though everyday cyber attacker is finding new ways to attack internet users, some precautions will keep them at bay or at least make hassles in their way to succeed. The precautions that you can take are:

  • Use Embedded Security for Every Connected Device

According to research conducted by HP, the multinational IT company, 70% of IoT devices are susceptible to cyber-attacks. As a company owner, you will need to use various connected devices to run your business smoothly. But lack of cyber protection can cause serious damage to your devices as well as the data can also be transferred into the hands of your competitors. 

Hence, you need to use a security solution that embeds a strong firewall in your connected devices.

  • Opt for a Cloud-Based Security Solution

Large companies always store their huge pile of data in clouds. This not only increases the scalability, and performance but the effective moving of bigger application and their data. But cloud computing is not free from cyber threats and shortcomings. To protect your online data, you need to employ an expert who can securely manage and safeguard your data. Adopting measures such as cloud backup, ransomware, and malware protection will save lots of effort and time, and money. 

As more people are using the benefits of the internet, more cybercriminals are rising. It is always better to keep security measures high. It may happen at any point in time and can cause a lot of data loss. Enterprises should adopt a specific strategy to edge over cyber thieves and their malicious activities.

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