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Bethesda Game leak: Everything we know about

According to a well-known leaker, Bethesda’s enigmatic licensed IP game is based on a Disney property. The enormous Xbox breach, which saw Microsoft unintentionally post a significant portion of its trade secrets to the website of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, has made the existence of the unannounced title public.

The unredacted documents included a five-year release timetable for titles and a revenue prediction from ZeniMax Media, which Microsoft acquired in early 2021, among many other items. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and Fallout 3 remakes, as well as an unnamed game based on a licensed IP, were under development back in 2019, according to the roadmap.

It was confirmed by the same document, which was created in 2019, that the title in question isn’t the Indiana Jones adaption from Bethesda and MachineGames because that project was listed separately.

Nevertheless, the undisclosed project is related to the Indiana Jones game in that they both are based on Disney properties, according to information provided by an unnamed source by gaming expert Nick Baker on the most recent episode of The XboxEra Podcast. Beyond recognizing that a Disney IP doesn’t exactly limit down the pool of prospective intellectual property choices for Bethesda’s forthcoming project, the leaker made no further claims about that assertion. Even if Baker’s earlier claim that a game based on The Mandalorian was in the works by early 2022 is true, it’s likely not the only Disney property that is now planned to have an interactive adaptation.

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Based on the leaked roadmap of the company, it is expected that the undisclosed licensed IP game from Bethesda will be introduced sometime in ZeniMax’s fiscal year 2024. However, there is uncertainty regarding whether the project will actually launch within the specified timeframe, mainly because several other games mentioned in the leak did not meet their anticipated release dates. For instance, the leaked information from 2019 indicated that ZeniMax had originally planned for the release of both the Oblivion remake and the Indiana Jones game in 2022.

This recent development appears to confirm a mid-2021 claim that Bethesda is working on at least one undisclosed game, regardless of whether the forthcoming release is based on another Disney IP or not. Who is in charge of the rumored Disney game’s development is still a mystery; Bethesda recently acknowledged that The Elder Scrolls 6 finally entered early production with the publication of Starfield, and that project is likely what is keeping its primary team in Rockville, Maryland, busy right now.

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