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Best Sci-Fi Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service in India that is accepted by the audience nowadays. There is a slide out of the classics, from the Terminator to Invasion of the Body snatchers along with the hidden gems more people need to watch. Among all of the movies. Amazon Prime Video has released many different kinds of series and movies. As usual many incredible web series is going to release on Amazon Prime Video in coming this 2022. 

Here is the list of the upcoming sci-fi film on Amazon Prime Video in 2022: 

17. Infinity Chamber 

This is an upcoming sci-fi mystery movie from Travis Milloy that has solidified its place in the Google Search quest for “best indie sci-fi gems” the main and complex tale has focused on a man who has been held in such an automated detention facility. He definitely battles superior technology for escape. 


16. Coherence 

Coherence is not existed in an Avatar-size budget to craft a compelling tale. The low-budget indie movie mainly follows the friends at the dinner party who begin to notice bizarre that have occurred after a comet passed. There is more such unsettling as its grounded setting. Coherence nails a huge of the indie gem. 

15. Archive 

There is a thoughtful sci-fi that has made confirmed to not b let its meditations that can overtake entertainment value, Archive is one of the great shouts. There is a British directorial debut from Gavin Rothery featuring Theo James as a scientist working on making an AI as human as possible. The reasons are really hidden, personal, and confirm to put a such spanner in the works. 

14. Black Box 

Black Box follows a father who has tried to piece his life back together after a car accident. He also agreed to an experimental procedure that leads him to the darkest recesses of his mind. 

13. The Vasy of Night 

This is a low-budget has surprisingly high production values, impressive performances, and incentive camerawork for helping and just telling the story of two teenagers in ’50s New Mexico. It has chased down the potentially exterritorial sources of a mysterious audio frequency. 

image 21 Best Sci-Fi Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video 

12. Europa Report 

The half sci-fi and half thriller has taken the footage format to dial up the realism. The film mainly recounts a fictional tale of a crew’s mission to Europa, a moon of Jupiter. After several crises, it has contained many mysteries belonging to its destination. 

11. Vivarium 

The Vivarium is definitely an interesting one. This might frustrate a lot of viewers with the surreal aspects, but this is still a compelling film. In this film, the young people become trapped in a labyrinth suburban neighborhood of identical suburban neighborhoods of such identical houses. 

10. The Adjustment Bureau 

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star in this entertaining sci-fi romance that follows Philip K. dick’s short tale. A US congressman has found such events in his life that are being controlled by a mysterious organization. He also attempted to outsmart and escape their control. 

9. WarGames 

This ‘80s techno-thriller Mattew Broderick concept paired with the teen drama. There is a  young hacker with unwittingly accesses a US military supercomputer so one can execute nuclear war with the Society Union. 

image 22 Best Sci-Fi Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video 

8. Galaxy Quest 

This is a cult classic sci-fi film we have such a fictional cut sci-fi TV series drawn into a real interstellar conflict. In this, we will get the actual alien involvement who just believes the series is a documentary. There is a warmhearted comedy along with a stellar cat containing Alan Rickman, and Sigourney Weaver. 

7. The Tomorrow War 

This film is one of the best sci-fi films on prime Video featuring Chris Pratt. The film follows a schoolteacher who has been drafted into a battle with aliens. Oy has been an easily digestible flick that you can watch while looking at the phone. 

6. Star Trek Into Darkness 

The second-star war film has been rebooted franchise beams up a terrific adventure along with a memorable villain in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan the Gang on the USS Enterprise has traveled to the forbidden zone in space to rescue an endangered species. 

5. Arrival 

Before Dune, Denis Villeneuve directed another immense sci-fi classic. The film features Amy Adams as a linguist who has suffered a personal tragedy in the past. While there is a mysterious extraterrestrial spacecraft hovering over the Earth, she has recruited to make a contact. 

image 23 Best Sci-Fi Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video 

4. The Terminator 

Terminator franchise is one of the set franchises that has apparently been born of a fever dream, James Cameron’s tale provides us with a Cyborg assassin sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor whose unborn son has destined to protect mankind from the robot apocalypse. 

3. Love and Monsters 

The film has seen Prey and looking for another sci-fi flick that’s featuring a heroic pup. The film mainly lives up to the name, based on Joel along with a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world where mutated monsters roam the Earth. On the search for his ex-girlfriend Aimee, he encountered a stray dog named “Boy” 

2. Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes  

 This is a low-budget time travel comedy from Japanese filmmaker Junta Yamaguchi. There is a lot more to that and the results are also as creative and trippy as you can expect under the constraints of indie filmmaking. 

image 24 Best Sci-Fi Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video 

1. Firestarter 

The ‘80s adaptation of Stephen King’s sci-fi horror didn’t draw rave reviews. The film scored even worse than the originality and does not even offer the intrigue of seeing Zac Efron take the lead in a horror flick. He has played the role of a father who has attempted to keep his daughter. 

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