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Best Nintendo Switch Consoles to Buy in India as of 2023

The three current Nintendo Switch models all have a similar appearance and use the same games and software platform. The price, overall size, controls, and screen sizes are all varied. To get the best Switch for you, evaluate your budget and how you intend to use the portable gaming system.

Nintendo Switch

The regular Nintendo Switch has 32GB of internal storage capacity, which is a tad on the low side (especially when compared to the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X), although not all gamers will have this issue. If you intend to download all of the hottest new Switch games, you may find it quickly filling up. However, the Switch library also has a sizable variety of vintage and indie games, so if these are the primary types of games you intend to play on the device, memory space should not be an issue.

Many gamers either play their Switch primarily through the television or exclusively in portable mode. The regular model is excellent at both of these tasks, is reasonably priced, and has no major flaws, which is why we suggest it as the finest Nintendo Switch overall.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite simply looks better than the standard and OLED variants. While not particularly colourful (especially the OLED), the Switch Lite is available in a variety of vivid, vibrant colour combinations. It’ll look fantastic in a gamer’s bedroom and is a nice-looking piece of gaming technology in general.

Fans of Nintendo Switch multiplayer games should bear in mind that the Switch Lite lacks removable Joy-Cons. This means that, whereas the other models allow for multiplayer games to be played with friends using one Joy-Con each, the Switch Lite does not. You can still play online versus pals without issue, but it isn’t as well optimised for face-to-face gaming sessions as the others.

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Nintendo Switch OLED

If you want to play in handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch OLED is the finest method to do so. The 7-inch screen helps your games look better than ever before, and you can even alter the console screen colours to make them as vibrant as possible under the game’s settings. If this appears overly saturated to you, simply change it to normal – you may want to adjust the colour settings on a case-by-case basis.

The OLED Switch does contain 64GB of memory, which is double the size of the conventional model, so that’s a feature that both docked and handheld gamers will appreciate. However, for less than the cost of an OLED, you could buy a micro SD card for Switch and extend the memory capacity on a conventional device.

Another advantage of the OLED is the new LAN port. If you intend to use your console for a lot of online gaming, you’ll want to avoid connection issues. With a LAN port, you can use a wired internet connection to offer a more seamless online gaming experience.

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