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Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

This guide will provide you with a breakdown of the current Valorant agent tier list as of 2024, highlighting the best characters you should consider mastering to climb the ranks.

Valorant’s constantly changing meta keeps things interesting, and it’s a good time to re-assess which agents dominate the battlefield, with the recent patches shaking things up.


Understanding Valorant’s Agent Tier List

Let’s understand what a tier list is in Valorant first, so we can explore the particular agents. In the current meta, agents are usually assigned a rank based on their total efficiency. Factors such as their ability, pick rate, win rates, map viability and synergy with the rest of the agents shall be considered.

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In the Valorant agent tier lists, here is a breakdown of the common tiers you will encounter:

  • S-Tier: These are the top-performing agents in the current meta. They possess powerful abilities that grant them a significant advantage in various situations.
  • A-Tier: These Valorant’s agents are still highly effective but may have some limitations compared to S-Tier agents. They offer a good balance between offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • B-Tier: These agents are situationally viable and can be strong in the right hands. However, they might require more team coordination or specific map strategies to shine.
  • C-Tier: These agents are currently struggling in the meta. Their abilities might be outclassed by other agents, or they may not be well-suited for the current map pool.
  • D-Tier: These Valorant’s agents are generally considered the weakest in the current meta. They might require significant buffs or a major meta shift to become more viable.

Dominating the Competition: S-Tier Valorant’s Agents

The S-Tier in Valorant’s agent tier list boasts agents that are incredibly powerful and can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Some of the top S-Tier performers today are shown below:


Clove, the newest addition to the Valorant protocol, has quickly risen to the top of the tier list. Her abilities are designed for both aggressive entry and strategic support. Her signature ability, “Echo,” throws a sonic emitter that explodes after a short delay, destroying and revealing enemies within the blast radius.

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image 2 Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

Her C ability, “Fracture,” creates a temporary rift that can be used to teleport short distances or scout enemy positions. Finally, her ultimate, “Overgrowth,” transforms Clove into a monstrous plant creature, granting her increased movement speed, health regeneration, and a powerful melee attack. Clove’s flexibility and ability to disrupt enemy formations make her the most powerful force in this meta.


Jett remains a popular pick for duelists thanks to her exceptional mobility and high-damage output. Her signature ability, “Updraft,” propels her upwards, allowing for creative mid-air maneuvers and clutch plays. Her C ability, “Bladestorm,” equips her with a set of throwing knives that deal high damage and can be used for quick eliminations or clearing corners.

image Jett Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

Finally, her ultimate, “Blade Storm,” equips her with several throwing knives with increased fire rate and accuracy. Jett’s ability to dash around the map, eliminate enemies with precise throws, and unleash a deadly knife storm makes her a terror on the battlefield..


Raze embodies pure explosive chaos. Her Boom Bot, Paint Shells, and Showstopper abilities flush out enemies from hiding spots and deal devastating area-of-effect damage. Raze’s excellent at initiating an aggressive attack and breaking through the fortified enemy camp.

Raze Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

A-Tier Stars: Well-Rounded Agents for Diverse Situations

The A-tier agents offer a balanced blend of utility and firepower, making them suitable for various team compositions and playstyles.


Killjoy Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

Killjoy’s deployable turrets and alarmbots are an excellent way to defend the site, gather intelligence. For a short time, her Lockdown ultimate may bring the bomb site to an absolute standstill and force its enemies into risky plays.


Reyna Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

Reyna, the self-proclaimed duelist queen, thrives on eliminations. Her abilities reward aggressive play by granting her temporary health boosts, invisibility, and even a soul orb that replenishes her ultimate upon collection. In the right hands, Reyna can snowball her lead and become an unstoppable force.


Omen is an agent of the control unit who’s a master at manipulating smoke and positioning enemy forces. He can teleport to a short distance, marked on the map, thanks to his signature ability, “Shrouded Step.” His C ability, “Dark Cover,” releases a smoke orb that can be detonated remotely, creating a cloud of smoke.

Omen Best Characters in Valorant as of 2024: A Complete Guide

He could teleport to a location on the map, possibly facing enemies or positioning himself for strategic reasons, with his ultimate “From the Shadows”. Omen’s smokes are crucial for site executes and post-plant situations, making him a valuable asset to any team composition.

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