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Tactical Analysis – Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United UEFA Champions League match ends 4-3

The clash between Bayern Munich and Manchester United was more than just a football match; it was a strategic chess game. Both teams meticulously targeted and exploited their opponent’s weaknesses, creating an exhilarating spectacle for fans. In this analysis, we delve into the key moments and strategies that unfolded during this riveting encounter.

Bayern’s Initial Assault: Exploiting United’s Left Side

From the very start, Bayern Munich embarked on a mission to exploit Manchester United’s vulnerable left side. Their weapon of choice: Leroy Sané’s electrifying runs. The tactical sequence went like this: Upamecano > Laimer > Sané’s incisive dashes. But that was just the beginning.

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Central Gaps in United’s Defense: A Breach Waiting to Happen

Bayern identified chinks in Manchester United’s central defense, creating opportunities to find players lurking between the lines, including the likes of Kane and Musiala. A wide gap existed between Rashford and Eriksen, granting open access for Kane. Sané’s positioning, pinning down Reguilon, further amplified this strategy, creating space for Laimer in the wider areas. It all culminated in Bayern’s first goal, highlighting their astute tactical awareness.

United’s Defensive Transition: Lower Block Activation

Manchester United responded by transitioning into a lower block, aiming for a shorter Build to Last (BTL) and compactness in defense. Their plan included circulating the ball to find gaps and exploiting Bayern’s left side with a 2v2 approach. Sané’s clever cut inside allowed him to find Kane, with Eriksen lagging in reaction. A crucial error from Onana further added to United’s woes, resulting in Bayern’s second goal.

Bayern Munich Pressing Aggressively and Numerical Superiority

Bayern pressed aggressively, seeking to outnumber Manchester United in the first phase of their play. This tactic made it challenging for United to build from the back but inadvertently created a significant space to exploit. Onana’s direct long passes to Hojlund, Fernandes, and Rashford targeted the wide areas effectively due to the absence of Upamecano and Min Jae, both formidable in duels. However, Bayern’s first defensive line faced challenges in closing down, allowing Casemiro and Eriksen to occasionally find openings for United.

Bayern Outnumbering Uniteds Midfield with the help of Kane dropping down Image via Twitter Tactical Analysis - Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United UEFA Champions League match ends 4-3
Bayern Outnumbering United’s Midfield with the help of Kane dropping down, Image via Twitter

United’s Right-Side Exploitation

In retaliation, Manchester United attempted to exploit Bayern’s right side. The key battle unfolded between Upamecano, Laimer, and Sané against Lisandro, Reguilon, and Rashford. Dalot found opportunities to receive both inside and outside the block, while Reguilon pushed higher up the pitch. This strategic move aimed to access Dalot, leading to a switch of play to the left and creating a 1v1 scenario for Rashford. It was a golden opportunity for United to strike, though it ended with a slightly overhit pass.

Manchester United Exploiting Reguilon’s Runs

Reguilon’s dynamic runs often disrupted Bayern’s right side, although the final ball or action was sometimes lacking. United’s first goal showcased their attack through the left with Rashford and Reguilon, followed by winning the second ball and Rashford’s intelligent movements that led to a link-up with Hojlund.

United tried to create overloads on Bayerns right side by pushing Reguillon up the pitch Image via Twitter Tactical Analysis - Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United UEFA Champions League match ends 4-3
United tried to create overloads on Bayern’s right side by pushing Reguilon up the pitch, Image via Twitter

Musiala’s Unstoppable Movement

Jamal Musiala’s movements on the pitch were a headache for United to deal with. His ability to attack the space on the right caused constant problems for the opposition. Reguilon often found himself in 2v1 situations, making it challenging to defend against Bayern’s attacks.

Man United’s Response with a Dash of Luck

Manchester United’s third goal came about differently, capitalizing on a mistake from Bayern’s Tel. United regained possession, engaged in central combinations, and witnessed Casemiro’s foray into the box.

Bayern’s Fourth Goal and a Penalty’s Impact

Bayern’s fourth goal came as a result of a mistake from Bruno, exploiting space on the right, hitting the post, and sustaining pressure. Kimmich had the time and space to orchestrate the play, leading to Tel’s runs and ultimately Casemiro’s third goal in six games for Manchester United this season. Kane’s penalty, Bayern’s third goal, shattered Manchester United’s momentum, with just a five-minute difference between United’s first goal and Bayern’s third.

Bruno Fernandes Image via Wikipedia Tactical Analysis - Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United UEFA Champions League match ends 4-3
Bruno Fernandes, Image via Wikipedia

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Reviving Glory at Old Trafford

As Manchester United faces the daunting task of making a comeback from their 3-2 loss at Old Trafford in the 2nd Leg of this Champions League Group Stage Match on 13th December, they must embrace the challenge with resilience and tactical acumen. The home advantage could play a pivotal role in their resurgence, as the familiar surroundings of Old Trafford have often inspired remarkable turnarounds.

Casemiro Image via Wikipedia Tactical Analysis - Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United UEFA Champions League match ends 4-3
Casemiro, Image via Wikipedia

To mount a successful comeback, they need to shore up their defensive vulnerabilities, particularly on the left side, which Bayern Munich exploited effectively. Managerial decisions, like deploying a solid defensive structure while maintaining offensive potency, will be crucial. United’s talented attacking lineup, including Rashford, Eriksen, and Musiala, has the potential to unlock Bayern’s defense, provided they seize the initiative and convert their chances. With the support of their passionate fans and a well-thought-out game plan, Manchester United can indeed turn the tide and secure a memorable victory in the Champions League.

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