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Barcelona midfielder Pedri dazzles for Spain in Euro 2020

Spain put up one of their best performances in Euro 2020 against Italy in the semi-finals. They lost on penalties to one of the best teams in this Euro but this current Spain team has a lot of potentials.

The biggest find of this tournament for Spain has to be 18-year-old Pedri Gonzalez. The Barcelona midfielder has been in superb form with his accurate passing and smart football sense. Pedri was excellent in the semi-final as well and the whole football fraternity has been appreciating the teenager.

Former England striker Gary Lineker waxed lyrical about the Barcelona midfielder just 25 minutes into the half. He tweeted: “Pedri is soooo good. Absolute superstar in the making. Gorgeous footballer.”

Shortly after, Rory Smith of the New York Times stated that he believes it is a matter of time before Pedri wins his first Ballon d’Or.

Smith tweeted: “How many Ballons D’Or do we think Pedri wins, providing he stays away from major injuries?”

“My instinct is three, but it could be as many as “All of Them.”

Pedri also received praise from former Argentine player Diego Latorre for his role in controlling the midfield in the first half. Latorre said: “[Sergio] Busquets, Pedro and Koke dominated the midfield and cancelled out Italy’s supply lines.”

Here’s few more of Pedri appreciation tweets:

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