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Bajaj Teases Pulsar 400 Render with 6 New Colors Ahead of Launch

Pulsar is and will always represent the beating heart of Bajaj Auto’s Motorcycles business. Over the years, the range has grown from a 150cc model to include bikes of up to 125cc to 250cc. The Biggest Ever Pulsar on May 3 is one of the most anxious launches! Bajaj has defined the brand as “every biker’s love,” dares the aim of every biker prospect, and keeps the brand refueled on a regular basis. In this, the Pulsar 400 drawing reflects Bajaj’s fulfillment of this brand to suggest it will be the brand’s most potent offering ever.

Pulsar 400

The All New Bajaj Pulsar 400

The render describes what the offering could have been associated with the “Biggest Ever Pulsar” moniker: a muscular aesthetic, a dominating altitude, high-end materials, and of course, Pulsar’s unmistakable DNA. The color schemes are consistent with Bajaj’s current marketing structures, swelling the suspense for this to-be-launched bike even more. The design’s tone and contour are similar to the Pulsar N series in terms of overall appearance but on a smaller scale.

The front of the Pulsar 400 has a pair of meaty USD telescopic front forks with an ornamental shroud around the lightweight tank. Furthermore, the tank’s shroud features an aggressive machining design. The rear subframe is lifted and sculpted, lending the bike a more athletic feel. The render includes the front LED projector beam headlamp, which complements the makeup of the new generation pulsars with its sharp and raked-back look.

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image 15 243 jpg Bajaj Teases Pulsar 400 Render with 6 New Colors Ahead of Launch

The standard LED lighting would be included in the future Generation Pulsar. The chassis dominates the thick cast bodywork around the engine. It’s a naked layout with the lowest quantity of fairings on behalf of Bajaj. The Powertrain is a droplet dead spinning. The liquid-cooled single cylinder, DOHC 4V engine head, and DTS-i twin arc spark system come from Bajaj.

Given Bajaj’s current lineup, the possibility of the Pulsar 400 sharing an engine with the Dominar 400, for instance, is almost certain, given the two’s similar performance levels and compatibility with the brand’s standards. Bajaj has three high-capacity single-cylinder engines in use at the moment, each with its own set of specifications and applications. The DOHC 4V head, liquid cooling, and 6-speed gearbox are all features of these engines, which are used in models from legacy manufacturers like KTM and Triumph.

image 15 244 jpg Bajaj Teases Pulsar 400 Render with 6 New Colors Ahead of Launch

In conclusion, the upcoming launch of the Pulsar 400 promises to deliver a compelling blend of performance, design, and technology, setting a new benchmark for the Pulsar lineup and generating significant interest among motorcycle enthusiasts.

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  1. What can we expect from the Bajaj Pulsar 400 ahead of its launch?

    Anticipation surrounds the upcoming release of the Bajaj Pulsar 400, promising advancements in design, performance, and technology. Enthusiasts eagerly await further details about this highly anticipated model.

  2. Will the Bajaj Pulsar 400 be available globally upon launch?

    Availability of the Bajaj Pulsar 400 may vary by region and market. Stay tuned for updates from Bajaj Auto regarding the international rollout of this new addition to the Pulsar lineup.


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