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Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset – Everything You Need to Know

There have been numerous speculations regarding Apple developing a top-secret headphone project in recent months. However, the conversation has also gotten more confusing. Apple is apparently aiming to use mixed reality (MR) instead of just virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), but how precisely would that work? How will the gadget appear? What characteristics will it possess?

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This roundup fills that need. The most recent important information is culled from the rumours and reports, and it is then compiled in one handy place. Here is all the information we currently have regarding Apple’s impending mixed-reality headset, including its cost, specs, and more.

Availability and Cost

Apple’s headset has not appeared to get any closer to us as time has gone on. With a gadget as big as a mixed-reality headset, it is probably to be expected, but it means we shouldn’t anticipate it any time soon. The Information has provided information regarding the pricing, indicating that it would be $3,000, but has not provided any further information. With a cost that high, it would probably only be used by businesses. That’d put it in competition with Microsoft’s $3,500 HoloLens 2. For Apple, this may appear strange.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

In contrast, a January 2022 study from Display Supply Chain Consultants asserted that the cost would be “several thousand dollars” and that because of the high cost, the first-generation model will be targeted towards professionals and developers. Consequently, the high price may have a basis. Kuo’s initial pricing proposal was $1,000, which was significantly less. As a result, the headset is once again regarded as a consumer item and falls more in line with what everyone would anticipate from Apple: pricey but nonetheless mainstream and consumer-oriented. However, Kuo later increased that forecast to $2,000, while Mark Gurman projected the same price in August 2022.

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According to the sources, Apple has boosted its target for each eyepiece’s pixel density from 2,800 ppi to a whopping 3,500 ppi. That might give the headset’s creations unparalleled clarity. Additionally, according to rumours, Apple’s device will be entirely wireless, allowing you to walk around freely without fear of being dragged back by wires, another immersive experience. It will include 15 cameras, eight for augmented reality, one for environmental sensing, and six for cutting-edge biometrics, according to leaks.


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