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Apple Plans to Launch Premium iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ Model, Positioned Above ‘Pro Max’ with Higher Price Tag

Apple’s iPhone has changed little in the last several years, with the principal distinctions being bigger cameras and building materials. However, it’s still possible that Apple engineers and designers are in the middle of a massive transformation. Apple plans to debut a first-time-ever iPhone 17 ‘Slim,” according to a just-leaked source.

iPhone 17

More About the Rumored iPhone 17 ‘Slim’

The Information explains that Apple projects the “Slim” variant of the iPhone 17 to be far thinner than the present variant of the gadget. The iPhone X, released by Apple in 2017, was the most recent noteworthy redesign. Since then, Apple has not brought about a redesign change. The iPhones have gradually shrunk in stature through the years. This one, Apple suspects, would differ.

image 8 122 jpg Apple Plans to Launch Premium iPhone 17 'Slim' Model, Positioned Above 'Pro Max' with Higher Price Tag

With this major redesign, Apple could potentially raise the price by a few hundred dollars over the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This camera layout would imply a design change but look more similar to the anticipated Google Pixel 9 design. However, that is dependent on how Apple might want to experiment with design more.

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The new camera arrangement would be located in the center and designed horizontally, as indicated in the report. The face will include a less extensive yet taller Dynamic Island, allowing for more screen covering a much more minor portion of the phone, which will remain between 6.1 and 6.7 inches and probably replace the iPhone 16 Plus.

image 9 14 jpg Apple Plans to Launch Premium iPhone 17 'Slim' Model, Positioned Above 'Pro Max' with Higher Price Tag

Internally, the iPhone 17 Slim will be powered by the A19 Pro chip and will have an improved front-facing camera. The Information also mentions that the iPhone 17 Slim might replace the iPhone 17 Plus, maintaining the lineup of four variants. Industry analyst Jeff Pu has predicted the iPhone 17 Slim, and this is the first detailed report on its design and features. However, these details are preliminary, and Apple might still be testing prototype designs.


  1. What is new about the iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ design?

    The iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ will be significantly thinner, with a new centrally located, horizontal camera layout and a narrower Dynamic Island for more screen space.

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  2. How much more expensive will the iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ be?

    The iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ is expected to be several hundred dollars more expensive than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, making it the most expensive iPhone yet.


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