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Apple hiring Staff for First Ever Retail Store in India!

According to The Financial Times, Apple has started hiring employees for its first flagship stores in India. The discovery of job postings for 12 store worker positions in “different locations” across the nation suggests that the company is almost prepared to have a retail presence in the Indian market.

All About Apple’s Hiring in India!

The job postings specifically mention the Store, offering positions like store managers, technical specialists, and Genius Bar employees. Separately, the article states that at least five individuals stationed in Mumbai and New Delhi have claimed on LinkedIn that they have been hired for the upcoming stores.

Apple hiring Staff for First Ever Retail Store in India!

The Economic Times reported last year that Apple planned to open its first store between January and March 2023, with a flagship 22,000-square-foot Mumbai store set to open first. The company has not confirmed its plans to open stores in India, but the publication’s report was based on information obtained from sources. The store was scheduled to debut in 2021, but according to reports, the global health crisis and economic unpredictability caused the company to push back the launch date.

2 20 Apple hiring Staff for First Ever Retail Store in India!

In order to make retail a significant portion of its footprint in the nation, Apple is also rumoured to be developing a second, smaller 10,000 to 12,000-square-foot store in New Delhi as well as more outlets in places like malls and upscale shopping areas across India.

In India, Apple started its online shop in 2020, giving users there a direct route to buy things from the original website without having to go through a premium authorised reseller. With shopping advice from Apple Specialists, EDU pricing for students, free no-contact delivery, financing choices, a trade-in program for iPhone sales, and more, Apple’s online store provides a full selection of products and accessories.

3 18 Apple hiring Staff for First Ever Retail Store in India!

The second-largest smartphone market in the world, which is found in India, has been mentioned by Cook and other Apple officials in the past. In an indicator of India’s perceived relevance as a production hub, the company also relocated iPhone 14 assembly from China to India in the weeks after the device’s release. The company has also been attempting to develop a manufacturing supply chain in the nation.


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