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How Apple is shaping for a perfect AR environment with its upcoming realityOS and VR headset?

Apart from the evident software changes, Apple‘s annual WWDC 2022 event is just around the corner, and reports predicted that the company might at least preview its often AR/VR headset at the event. According to the sources, we even found trademark registrations for “RealityOS,” which might be the headset’s operating system.

Building the AR environment

While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Apple’s rumored VR/AR headset, there’s also a lot of curiosity about realityOS, or whatever the software that will power Apple’s predicted headgear experience will be called.

RealityOS (or, possibly, rOS) will be an important aspect of utilizing Apple’s first mixed reality headset, just as iOS is to the iPhone. It could be what distinguishes Apple’s AR/VR headset from the rest of the market’s greatest VR headsets.

How Apple is shaping for a perfect AR environment with its upcoming realityOS and VR headset?
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Citations to a reality os have been discovered in versions of Apple’s other software products, while the latest trademark registration appears to confirm realityOS as the software’s working name or branding.

Expectations: RealityOS and VR headset

As per the sources, we don’t know what’s lacking from the experience of a device or program we haven’t tried yet, unlike the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. However, there are a few features we’d want to see in realityOS.

Apple Fitness Plus app: The Apple headset could be a huge success for fitness if it can be integrated with Apple Fitness Plus and the Apple Watch. During workouts, you might utilize the device to track your progress while following along with personal trainers.

Apple TV app: We’d like to see Apple TV integrated into rOS, similar to Apple Fitness Plus. That way, you’d be able to view Apple TV Plus programming in virtual reality. If Apple includes virtual reality content or aspects in the greatest Apple TV Plus episodes and movies for headset users, it will earn bonus points.

How Apple is shaping for a perfect AR environment with its upcoming realityOS and VR headset?
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Home screen complications: Given that the Apple Watch has a variety of watch faces and the iPhone has widgets, we’d want to see the realityOS home screen be customizable, whether through third-party app complications or widgets. That way, we’ll be able to see all we need at a look.

The Bottom Line

The main ambition with realityOS is that it will make the Apple VR/AR headset feel like an evolution of other Apple products. It would be un-Apple to release hardware that doesn’t work in tandem with the iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and other Apple products. FaceTime, Messages, Apple Arcade, and Apple News are just a few of the native apps we’d want to see with “hand-off” capabilities.

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