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Apple Unveils AI-Generated Custom Emojis for iOS 18 at WWDC, Enhancing On-the-Go Expression

Apple is gearing up to showcase its AI advancements and integrations in iOS 18 as we head into WWDC. Though these generative tools will soon be coming to several apps, a new report shows off one of the best AI-driven features available today; personalized emoticons. Apple hopes to present these tools with a unique focus on improving the way people interact and live their everyday lives. The upcoming capabilities being tested also include the ability to form custom emojis; one of those highlights.


All About Apple AI-Generated Custom Emojis

MacOS 15 and iOS 18 could bring a host of improvements, says Power On Newsletter (via Mark Gurman). In addition to home screen customizations, updates to Notes, and organized notification summaries, the company is also focusing on improving the emoji experience for those on the go. These emojis will be auto-generated based on the text we are using and also for what occasion.

Apple wants to go beyond what is in the current emoji catalog, according to Gurman, and make a more personalized experience when sending messages. As per him, there is one unique feature that utilizes Generative AI to create emojis. The software creates custom emojis in real time based on users’ text conversations. Users will have an all-new assortment of emojis for whatever occasion — going far outside the standard set readily available today on iPhones and other devices.

Although Apple tends to include a new pack of emojis with every iOS update, AI-generated graphic icons will allow users to always have new emojis at their fingertips without needing to wait for yearly updates. This serves as another way for users to express themselves in a fraction of a second, and indicate their emotions through certain emojis.

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Though not a scale problem, these kinds of custom emoji tools can occasionally result in some undesirable images — remember the AI-generated stickers Meta introduced. Therefore, Apple has to equip its AI-driven tools with all appropriate safeguards possible. Additionally, Siri is poised to receive a voice upgrade, enhancing its human-like interaction, while developer tools like Xcode are set to receive AI enhancements.



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