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AMD’s new Navi 12 based GPU for crypto mining leaked online

Folks at VideoCardz have posted pictures about a possible AMD-based Navi 12 GPU. The GPU appears to have been created specifically for cryptocurrency mining. The Navi 12 GPU first appeared alongside the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M, designed for Apple’s line of new computers.

For now, this is the only Navi 12 GPU known to be manufactured, and it was onboard the 2560 stream processors with two HBM2 memory modules, clocking in at speeds of 1.54 Gbps. It was not just the photos posted by VideoCardz, but we also got to see specifications for a new blockchain mining card using AMD technology called the AMD BC-160.

As mentioned earlier, this card is based on a Navi 12 GPU with 8GBs of active HBM2 memory, 2304 stream processors, and a confusing piece of information that talked about “4GBps memory specs.”

AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT GPU pictures leaked

according to sources, the card which is in question features an “8GB HBM2 memory with 4Gbps speed.” This information is not readily available for the current technology as the 4GBps speeds are set to release alongside HBM3 products.

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But what’s confusing here is also the specific naming for this card as its title is the BC-160, when broken down, refers to Blockchain Compute (BC) and ETH hash rate performance numbers (16). many have noticed misspellings on the information, such as “passive” being spelled “passive” in the material that was provided over at VideoCarz.

Tech company XFX is rumoured to be the designer of the BC-160 mining card, and the card comes with a dual 8-pin power connection and has a TGP of 150W. The card is also expected to produce 69.5 Mh/s which is about 25% more efficient than the previous Navi 10-configured Radeon RX 5700 XT.



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