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AMD’s Future in AI: MI400 AI GPU Anticipated for 2025, Refresh of MI300 in the Works

AMD is expected to introduce a version of its MI300 AI accelerator, which will include HBM3E memory, sometime this year. They also have plans to launch the Instinct MI400 in 2025. Rumors indicate that AMD is gearing up for AI-focused releases starting with an updated version of their Instinct MI300 AI GPU.

This update will involve a switch, to the HBM3e memory standard moving beyond the used HBM3. According to a source named @Kepler_L2, there is speculation that this upcoming AI GPU could deliver performance for its price.


More About AMD’s GPU

While details about the SKU are limited the adoption of HBM3e seems promising especially as other industry players embrace this standard. For example, NVIDIA has already introduced the Hopper GH200 with HBM3e making it the only AI GPU on the market featuring this type of memory.

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In terms of performance improvements, the HBM3e memory standard offers a 50% speed boost compared to HBM3. It provides up to 10 TB/s bandwidth per system and 5 TB/s bandwidth per chip with memory capacities reaching high as 141 GB.

image 101 18 jpg AMD's Future in AI: MI400 AI GPU Anticipated for 2025, Refresh of MI300 in the Works

@Kepler also hints that AMD’s updated Instinct MI300 GPU is aiming to compete with NVIDIA’s Blackwell B100. Despite the advancement, the upcoming MI300 is anticipated to provide benefits, for customers. Although they will both employ HBM3e memory technology the B100 is forecasted to be priced higher giving AMD an edge in the mid, to high range of the AI sector.

In addition to the refreshed MI300, rumors hint at AMD’s plans to introduce the next-generation Instinct MI400 AI accelerator around 2025. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su has previously confirmed its development, although details regarding its performance remain undisclosed. However, speculation suggests a diverse range of specifications, indicating the possibility of multiple SKUs within the lineup, akin to its predecessor.

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image 101 19 jpg AMD's Future in AI: MI400 AI GPU Anticipated for 2025, Refresh of MI300 in the Works

While AMD has yet to achieve significant success in the AI markets compared to its rival NVIDIA, the outlook appears promising for the company’s future endeavors in this domain.


  1. <strong>What are the key features of AMD's MI300 and MI400 AI GPUs?</strong>

    MI300: HBM3E memory, 50% speed boost, up to 10 TB/s bandwidth.MI400: Anticipated for 2025, specific details undisclosed.

  2. <strong>How does AMD's AI GPU strategy compare to NVIDIA's?</strong>

    AMD focuses on HBM3e memory for enhanced performance, aiming to compete, while NVIDIA leads in market success.


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