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AMD Unveils Zen 5 CPU Lineup for 2H 2024 Launch: Granite Ridge, Strix Point, and Turin

During its Q4 2023 earnings call, AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed the forthcoming release of next-generation Zen 5 products slated for the latter half of 2024, encompassing Granite Ridge for desktops, Strix Point for laptops, and Turin CPUs for EPYC servers.

AMD Zen 5

The All New AMD Zen 5 CPU

The Zen 5 core architecture will play a role, in AMD CPU lineups covering a wide range from personal computers to high-performance data centers. Dr. Lisa Su highlighted this progress during the Q4 2023 earnings call emphasizing the strides the company is making in the industry.

In terms of computing AMD emphasized their AI PC segment, which will feature Strix Point as the successor to Ryzen 8040 “Hawk Point” APUs. These next-generation APUs will utilize the Zen 5 core architecture and an improved GPU architecture called RDNA 3.5 promising a boost in AI NPU performance with the enhanced Ryzen AI “XDNA 2” engine.

image 63 AMD Unveils Zen 5 CPU Lineup for 2H 2024 Launch: Granite Ridge, Strix Point, and Turin

Additionally, AMD plans to introduce Zen 5 for desktops through their Granite Ridge CPUs set to replace the Zen 4-based Raphael chips. These CPUs are expected to deliver performance improvements on both existing and AM5 platforms.

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Shifting the focus to data center applications AMD has confirmed that they will launch Turin as a successor to the Genoa lineup providing compatibility with existing Gen EPYC platforms. Turin CPUs will feature an increased number of cores and revolutionary memory expansion capabilities. The Zen 5 core is anticipated to deliver performance, per watt across workloads building upon the success already demonstrated by Genoa chips.

image 64 AMD Unveils Zen 5 CPU Lineup for 2H 2024 Launch: Granite Ridge, Strix Point, and Turin

The upcoming 5th Generation EPYC Turin CPUs are expected to provide a maximum of 128 cores in the Zen 5 setup and, up to 192 cores in the Zen 5C variations. These enhancements signify a substantial upgrade, poised to compete directly with Intel’s Xeon Granite Rapids P-Core and Sierra Forest E-Core families, also scheduled for a 2H 2024 release.

These three product families represent just the initial wave of AMD’s Zen 5-based offerings, with plans to unveil additional products based on Zen 5 “Nirvana” and Zen 5C “Prometheus” cores in 2025.


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