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AMD Zen 4 based CPUs could feature up to 24 cores, AVX512 support coming

The Red team is preparing their next-gen of products aka Zen 4 and we have some fresh rumours surrounding AMD’s upcoming 5nm based CPUs. The Zen 4 architecture is pretty significant because if rumours are right AMD has cancelled its Zen 3+ CPUs for Zen 4 when it comes to desktops.

So, upcoming Ryzen 7000 desktop processors codenamed Raphael is pretty significant because of a completely new design and new manufacturing node. This is the reason you can expect a huge jump in performance as well as cores because of a new manufacturing process.

A pretty reliable leaker HXL has pointed out that Zen 3 was limited to 16 cores and could now be pushed up to 24 cores on TSMC’s N5 or 5nm process node. At the same time, Intel will be offering up to 16 cores with upcoming Alder Lake-S CPUs (8 Golden Cove + 8 Gracemont).

While Intel will give up to 8 big cores with the AVX512 feature, and the 8 Gracemont cores could be low-power Skylake cores to deal with everyday workloads. This increase in core counts could help Intel touch AMD’s superior multi-core performance as it even fails to beat AMD’s 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X by a huge margin.

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However, AMD won’t just sit down to see Intel increasing cores, so with a new refined process node, AMD has a larger space to accommodate more cores. Now, whether it would be 24 cores on a desktop CPU remains a fact to be seen, but you could surely expect a 20-core or 18-core offering from AMD incoming.

It’s still unclear whether Zen 4 will have AVX512 or AVX3 support; however, the feature could most likely be seen on the Epyc Genoa server processors. Though we will soon see the Ryzen 5000XT processors by AMD, however, Warhol is completely in a dark phase even though Zen 3+ based Rembrandt on mobile is confirmed.

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via Hardware Times


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